Thursday, January 10 – OC Needs Positive Online Spin, Agency Says

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City will be increasing its public relations campaign in 2008, reported advertising firm MGH in a Tourism Commission meeting last week.

MAGH Public Relations Account Director Chris McMurry presented the commission with a plan for the 2008 public relations campaign, providing some new ways to generate positive buzz about Ocean City.

Survey results presented to the tourism commission by MGH in November were used to guide the public relations goals of 2008. The survey results revealed some positive and negative aspects about Ocean City. Some of the positive aspects were Ocean City provides a great experience, people are likely to recommend Ocean City to their friends and family, trips to Ocean City are about tradition, and the majority of people would change nothing about their stay in Ocean City and if they did they would stay longer. Although the positives reflected well on the resort, the negatives revealed some of the disappointments that visitors are experiencing including costs in Ocean City being too high and people wanting more out of their trip to Ocean City.

McMurry reported that online chatter matches the research revealed by the surveys. By looking at online forums such as and, MGH was able to view candid comments about Ocean City, most of which mirrored the survey results.

“Although there are negatives, they can be flipped into positives,” McMurry said. “Negativity, online especially, often breeds more negativity, but there’s positive voices out there to match the negative ones.”

McMurry explained that, according to online users, reviews generated by fellow consumers have a greater impact than reviews generated by professionals. Furthermore, travel, hotels and restaurants are the three things that people are most likely to view a recommendation of before making a purchase.

To utilize online reviews, McMurry suggested mobilizing Ocean City loyalists to generate positive Ocean City online chatter.

McMurry suggested three main points for public relations in 2008; amplifying the Ocean City voice through websites, entering conversations and enhancing coverage in TV, radio and print media.

To read the full story, see The Dispatch tomorrow morning.