Voices From The Readers

Voices From The Readers

Resolve To Remove Hazard From Bay


Last spring a piling was driven into the sand in the bay about 50 yards off of our bulkhead. It is a mystery how it got there or why. However, I speculate that the firm that was erecting a bulkhead up the shore from us put it there.

My guess is that they tied their barge to it or used it as a “come along” to pull the barge into deeper water. The water is very shallow here since we are close to the wetlands. In fact, after a storm, when the winds change directions and blows toward the southwest, there might not be any water at all for a short period of time.

Since the bottom is visible, we know that the piling was not there previously. You can see the piling at low tide, but is a navigational hazard at high tide.

We have reported the hazard to the bulkhead firm, but it has not been removed. We talked to the Department of Natural Resources police and they merely told us to put a marker on it. Also notified were the president of the Ocean City Council and the Port Wardens.

We hope that someone will make a New Year’s Resolution to remove the hazard before a boater is injured or killed.

John E. McDermott

Ocean City

Hard To Sympathize


Somehow I am finding it hard to sympathize with the Trimper family and their problem of having an outrageous tax bill on the property they own located at the inlet of Ocean City. Somehow I find it hard to sympathize with the Trimper family who is holding property worth tens of millions of dollars. Somehow I find it hard to sympathize with the Trimper family who would pocket tens of millions of dollars if the property they possess were sold to developers. Somehow I find it hard to sympathize with the Trimper family who charge outrageous ticket prices for rides when similar rides in Rehoboth, Del. are half the price.

We have all seen our tax bills being raised to levels that many find it hard to hold on to their property. Where is our help? Where is our tax relief?

All I know is the businesses make money every year. If not, why do so many close after the season? And after talking to many, many business owners they make their money during the season and go relax in Florida for the rest of the year. Not all, but many.

And the real kicker is that we pay these outrageous tax bills, and we can not even vote on the elected officials of Ocean City, Md. 

Somehow I find it hard to sympathize.

Jim Jarzynski

Dundalk, Md.

Lots Of Appreciation


As the end of another year approaches and a new year is about to begin I would be remiss if I didn’t write a word of thanks to all the people I come across each day who have made my life rich in friendship and meaning.

A few years ago I got what I thought was a brilliant idea – to start an adult medical day care to provide a service for the older and/or disabled residents of Worcester County. I have worked for 20-plus years as a nursing home administrator trying to make it a pleasant environment for those who could no longer live at home. I hope to spend the next 20 years working to keep people healthier and independent for as long as possible. Adult medical day care does that by monitoring medications, assessing changes in condition, establishing resources for home care, etc.

Anyway, it has been a struggle to get where I wanted to be and that is to provide a kind, loving, professional service to the clients who attend our program. I am happy to say we have accomplished that. Thanks to the wonderful employees of the Arbor at Ocean Pines, we do make a difference in people’s lives. Everyone who attends our program is treated with warmth, respect and loving kindness. The Arbor is everything I dreamed it would be and it is all due to our employees – you are the greatest!

I also want to thank the wonderful families and clients of the Arbor. You have encouraged us every step of the way, inspired us to keep moving forward and educated us in what you needed from our service. Thank you for your patience and guidance. We excel because you told us what you needed from us to make your life easier. It has been a learning process for all of us.

One last thank you goes to all our veterans who attend the Arbor and to those in the community. We have seven WWII vets who attend our program and it is a privilege to serve you. Thank you for making this country great – with the ongoing war in Iraq and hostilities throughout the world I believe we need to thank all our veterans who make America the greatest country there is.

Marie Okronley

Ocean Pines

(The writer is the president of The Arbor at Ocean Pines.)

What’s The Truth?


Many questions have arisen about the government’s version of the 9/11 Commission report concerning the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.

One question is the result of the saga of William Rodriquez, custodian of the North Tower. He became a hero for rescuing many people before the building collapsed. Like many witnesses, he heard and felt explosions in the basement before the plane hit and several explosions afterwards.

He was interviewed by the media about his experiences, but there was no mention of his name or the many explosions he witnessed. He became angry and frustrated, becoming an organizer and activist for 9/11 victims and their families and was largely responsible along with other persons for forcing the White House to establish the 9-11 commission with subpoena power which they never used.

He asked to testify before the commission and was repeatedly told he could not, but was finally allowed to behind closed doors.

When the commission report came out, there was absolutely no reference to his name or to his eyewitness testimony.

In conjunction with this, NYC Fire Lieutenant Paul Isaac stated on Sept. 11, 2005 that 9/11 was an inside job. An FBI gag order was placed on NYC firemen and police officers, preventing them from discussing what they witnessed.

Don’t the American people, the 9-11 victims and families have the right to know what happened that fateful day?

Bartow Van Ness III

Deal Island

Thanks For Making Holidays Special


Many children (21) will have a happier Christmas this year. There are many folks I want to thank for making Berlin’s Christmas Bike Program possible:

Our thanks to all our many contributors. Their financial support was overwhelming.

Our thanks to our Police Department for the bike helmets. For the protection of the bikes each child received, the serial numbers and owners’ names are on file with the Berlin Police Department.

Many thanks to Wal-Mart for their help and generosity. They have always stepped forward for our community.

Our thanks to town staff for all their help in organizing the contacts with various groups for names/bike sizes and many other tasks needed to make this happen.

Last but not least, the Berlin Lions Club who gave us the use of their clubhouse and furnishing transportation for those who needed help in getting their bikes home.

In summary, I would like to say that this is the most rewarding event of the year for me. The smiles on the childrens’ faces are priceless. May everyone have a happy holiday season and my thanks to you all.

Mayor Tom Cardinale

Town of Berlin

Unworthy Of Home?


I live in Snow Hill on Market Street. Since I have lived here Habitat for Humanity built two houses next to me. The property was only big enough for one house but the town allowed two houses to be built. To add insult to injury, one of these houses has an unemployed single mother with three children ages ranging from 14 to 21 years of age and other assorted friends and family members living at this house.

The police are constantly there for complaints from fighting to drugs. The area around the house has broken furniture and trash spread around the yard. I have contacted the main and local Habitat for Humanity offices only to be told they are working on it or to be referred to another person or office. This has been the answer for 16 months that the neighbors and I have been getting.

We don’t understand why this is allowed to happen. I am sure there are more deserving families that would love to have the chance to have a home.

Mark Nixon

Snow Hill

Community Appreciation


The Wchs dinner committee would like to thank everyone who supported the benefit held at Captain’s Galley II Restaurant on Nov. 29.

Those in attendance dined, danced and donated in honor of the animals being sheltered by a volunteer staff at the West Ocean City facility. On behalf of fellow volunteers, Bev Sweitzer and Kelly Austin presented a bracelet to Kenille Davies, commemorating her 30 years as director of the Humane Society and its shelter. Carol and King Fox of Mt. Airy also made a special presentation in memory of their son and former volunteer, Jamie. It was a plaque with a heartfelt message about the life of a volunteer.

Many thanks to Lynch Publishing, The Time Warp Blues Band, Donald’s Duck Shoppe and Gallery, The Purple Moose, Desserts by Rita and the friendly Captain’s Galley staff. The food always speaks for itself.

The shelter animals have some wonderful friends. Thank you very much.

The Worcester County Humane Society Dinner Committee