My Thoughts

For as long as Insider can remember, he has been playing a game with himself first thing in the morning. It has a little something to do with the temperature outside and a lot to do with guessing. The old guy likes to roll around in the morning and while he’s slowly waking up he starts to think about what it’s like outside. He can see from his bedroom the colors in the sky and that’s a pretty easy indicator to figure out what the day is like. One day this week the wind was blowing fiercely and Insider could see the sky was a dark gray. Based on the skies and the fact it was mid-December, the old guy guessed it was around the freezing mark, so he went with 34 degrees. By the time, he had made it to the kitchen table, swallowed his six pills and poured his cup of coffee, the trusty old mercury reader outside his window said 35 degrees. Damn, the old guy is good.

Off all the holiday movies that come on the television each year, Insider’s favorite is still Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He’s also a sucker for the Peanuts’ Christmas story, but Rudolph puts a smile on Insider’s face. When the old guy was not so old, this was an inspirational story to him. Insider was an outcast as a kid. He was too skinny and too tall and wore oversized glasses to fit in with the other kids. It also didn’t help the old guy had a huge nose as a kid and perhaps that’s another reason he identifies with Rudolph’s plight.

A friend of the Insider’s is on to something ingenious. He’s going away to a faraway island with his special someone this week and will be gone through Christmas. Now that’s something Insider could catch on to. Apparently, it’s something he does every year to escape the whats and what nots of Christmas and the holidays. All his family is far away and there’s no reason not to escape for some solitude and peace. That’s exactly what he will be enjoying while Insider is sitting in a crowded relative’s home looking at his watch and wondering when his next nap will come. While the old guy is constantly telling his little nephew to keep his index finger out of his nose and ear (that’s his chore for the day), his friend will be relaxing in paradise with the entire island to himself because nobody goes away on Christmas. That’s reason enough for Insider to consider a trip next year.