Monday, October 15 – Condo Plans Approved By OC Planners

OCEAN CITY – The final site plans for the Seaside Escape condominiums were approved at a Planning and Zoning Commission meeting last Tuesday night.

The condominiums, set to be located between 79th and 80th streets, are located in the R-3 multi-family residential district. Zoning Administrator Blaine Smith presented the plans for the 15 unit building, explaining that 15 units was the maximum amount of units allowed for that property.

Smith presented the commission with a list of suggestions, with the placement of the trashcans fostering the most discussion. The plans call for the trashcans to be located along 79th Street off the east end of the property. Smith expressed concerns that it would be a tight fit for solid waste trucks to access. “The truck drivers are going to have to be skilled to fit in a tight space like that,” Smith said.

“We’ve had several issues with dumpsters after the fact not working,” said Chairwoman Pamela Buckley, suggesting that the city find a solution now rather than later.

The suggestion was made to move the dumpster to the alley running through the center of the building. Smith noted that City Engineer Terry McGean may object to the spot. Smith explained that there had been discussion over opening the alley in the future to extend the full length of the alley to 20 feet. The commission decided to recommend that the dumpster be moved to the alley pending McGean’s decision, and if need be, be relocated at a later time to a parking space.

The commission also agreed to require recess lighting for all parking lights.

The 15-unit project came before the Mayor and Council this summer, with esquire Joe Moore requesting the approval of raised crosswalks that would connect the two sections of the building. The Mayor and Council approved the raised walkways, which will be at least 14 feet above grade level.

The building also contains a pool, a 20-foot wide public access alley, and a public easement, which was added to accommodate the public utilizing the 20-foot alley.

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the site plans with five in favor and commission member Lauren Taylor abstaining.

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