OCES Class Makes Thoughts Of Fall Into Haiku Poems

BERLIN – Mrs. Kirsten Danisavich’s fourth grade class at Ocean City Elementary School recently wrote fall haiku poems

Students also typed their poems on the laptop computers. Students learned to import clip art and save their documents in a folder. A haiku is a traditional Japanese poem that captures a moment in nature. Traditional haiku have three lines. The first and last lines contain five syllables, and the second line has seven syllables. Here’s a look at the students’ work.

Jackets are cozy,

They make you feel very warm,

I love my jacket.

By: Joe Robles

The squirrel is brown,

The squirrel likes to eat nuts,

The squirrel is fat.

By: Dulce Ramos

Pumpkins are orange,

The pumpkins are big and round,

I like Pumpkins.

By: Pedro Cimarron

Leaves are falling down,

All different colors on earth,

Gentle winds blowing.

By: Glennie Rippin

Temperature drops,

Birds migrate to Florida,

Trees lose all their leaves.

By: Staton Whaley

Leaves are falling down,

Birds migrate to Florida,

Autumn is now here.

By: Zoe Sinkaus

Squirrels get acorns,

Fall leaves turn orange and red,

Wind is everywhere.

By: Alexis Nguyen

The Leaves on the trees,

Turn all different colors,

Like brown, red, and orange.

By: Samantha Colbert

Squirrels get acorns,

Geese flying slow in the sky,

The leaves are blowing.

By: Wade Wilkins

The winds start to howl,

The winds get colder and colder,

Leaves blow in the wind.

By: Christian Beres

I love the small pumpkins,

I love the small fat pumpkins,

I love small time.

By: Mikayla Dischinger

Up and down a tree,

Squirrels are getting nuts,

Storing their acorns.

By: Alea Aul

In fall trees are brown,

The leaves turn yellow and orange,

Trees are really cool.

By: David L’Hussier

Fall’s so colorful,

I love to pick pumpkins,

I so love the fall.

By: Samantha Ewancio

Fall is coming near,

Visions of jumping in leaves,

In the cold brisk air.

By: Lily Watsky

Leaves changing in time,

Colored trees shake and shiver,

Sap drips from a tree.

By: Patrick Devenny

Temperature drops,

Birds migrate to Florida,

Trees lose all their leaves.

 By: Staton Whaley