Council Approves Elevated Walkways For Condo Project

OCEAN CITY – The proposed condominium project to be located between 79th and 80th streets gained the addition of elevated pedestrian walkways after receiving unanimous approval from the City Council Monday.

Attorney Joseph Moore came before the Mayor and Council Monday night to request the addition of elevated walkways at the proposed “Seaside Escape Condominiums,” which is to be located on the east side of Coastal Highway bordering the alley between 79th and 80th streets.

Moore appeared before the Mayor and Council on behalf of Thomas Monahan, who is proposing to construct two buildings on each side of the westerly north-south alley just north of 79th Street. Moore explained to the Mayor and Council that Monahan hoped to build several elevated pedestrian walkways that would connect the two buildings.

Moore explained that the walkways would be at least 14 feet above finished grade, leaving room for vehicles to drive beneath. The walkways would be 10 feet in width so that no living space could be encompassed within the walkways. The walkways will also be open with railways being the only enclosure.

“It unifies our project and it is totally for access,” Moore said, adding that the purpose of the walkways is to connect the two buildings, which together will consist of 38 units.

Moore explained that the southerly building would have a pool and elevator, resulting in the need for the northerly building to be connected to the southerly building via walkways.

Moore pointed out to the Mayor and Council that they had approved similar elevated walkways in other areas of the town. The Americana on 6th Street, the Breakers Hotel on 3rd Street, the Tidelands on 6th Street, and Bonita Beach on 81st Street all have elevated walkways, according to Moore. The attorney added that the project’s intent was the same, to provide access for people to traverse from building to building.

Moore assured the council that all emergency and utility vehicles would be able to drive through the alley. He also pointed out that the public access would be expanded 20 feet in width instead of the existing 10 feet wide alley. A public easement will also be added to accommodate the public utilizing a roadway 20 feet in width.

“We have done it just up the block from this building and I think it does help the people that purchase a unit and it makes it more attractive,” Councilwoman Nancy Howard said in support.

Finding no objections to the proposal, the council voted unanimously to approve the elevated walkways.