Progress Leads To Need To Exchange OC Trash Trucks

OCEAN CITY – The Mayor and Council unanimously approved a request from the Solid Waste Department regarding new equipment after the vehicle’s necessity was explained.

Public Works Director Hal Adkins came before the Mayor and Council Monday evening to request the exchange of a Front End Refuse Collection Truck for an Automated “long reach” Refuse Collection Vehicle.

In the FY 2008 budget deliberations, the Solid Waste Department issued a request for four separate pieces of collection equipment. At the time only one was approved despite the greater need for an Automated Refuse Collection Vehicle.

Instead, a Front End Refuse Collection Truck was approved to foster the need to balance the Equipment Trust Fund Budget. Also, the replacement cost of the Automated Refuse Collection Truck was higher than the budget allowed for.

Adkins explained to the council that after taking a closer look at operation in the field and the necessity of the equipment, it was decided that there was a greater need for an Automated Refuse Collection Vehicle.

“Because we continue to do street-scaping projects in which we choose to widen the sidewalks, for rightful reasons, it is becoming more and more difficult, if not impossible, for the Automated fleet to reach out across these greater distances of the widened sidewalks,” Adkins said.

As a result of the recently widened sidewalks in areas such as Bayshore Dr. and 94th Street, Adkins felt it necessary to request an exchange of the vehicles.

“It is still a one-for-one exchange, I am not expanding the fleet,” Adkins said.

The cost of the currently approved Front End Refuse Collection vehicle was budgeted at $192,302, while the Automated “Long Reach” Refuse Collection Vehicle is estimated to cost $205,000, resulting in a cost difference of $12,698.

Adkins explained to the council that the difference would be covered by use of savings that were recently realized in the approved purchasing of the Broyhill barrel dumper, the tri-axel dump truck, the two backhoes, and the one-ton dual heel. The savings realized from these purchases totals $14,705.

Adkins said that upon approval from the council, he would pursue a negotiated source for the body, but a competitive bid for the cab/chassis.

After hearing the figures and the reasons for the exchange, the council voted unanimously, with Councilman Lloyd Martin absent, to approve the request.