Surfers Vie For $6K In Prizes In Ocean City


Caleb Buchler of Fenwick Island gets vertical and wins the boys shortboard division of Chauncey’s Surfabout. Photo by Art Baltrotsky


Myles Deppe, 9, of Bishopville, was the lucky winner of a new surfboard courtesy of Chauncey’s Surf Shops. Photo by Chauncey Rhodes

 BERLIN – About 150 competitors from Maryland, Delaware and Virginia surfed for $6,000 in prizes during Chauncey’s Surfabout at 54th Street in Ocean City on Saturday, June 16, 2007.

Chauncey’s Surf Shops teamed up with Hurley International to supply prizes for this second contest of the Eastern Surfing Association Delmarva District’s 2007/2008 competition season. Kuloco clothing also supplied prizes for all first place finishers and worked together with Ponzetti’s Pizza to give free pizza to all competitors and spectators.

Surfers had to deal with challenging conditions throughout the day with waist-high to shoulder-high surf slamming on a shallow sand bar, but they made the most of it with excellent wave selection and powerful maneuvers.

Once again, ESA All-Star Vince Boulanger of Ocean City dominated the event with a first place finish in the Open Shortboard division and the Mens Shortboard division while his younger brother Joey Boulanger took the Jr. Mens title. Gatey Dawkins of Chincoteague glided out some huge floaters and won the Masters Shortboard division along with a second place in the Open Shortboard division. Other notable first place finishers were: Laurel Harrington of Berlin; Kelsey Willison of Berlin; Keith White of Frankford, Del.; Spencer Ashton of Berlin; and Josh Merritt of Chincoteague.

Chauncey’s Surf Shops in Ocean City, MD also donated a new Chanell Islands Al Merrick surfboard, valued at $700, which was given away in a drawing at the end of the event. Owner Chauncey Rhodes picked the winning number that belonged to 9-year-old Myles Deppe of Bishopville.

Final results, in order of finish starting with division winner, were

Open Shortboard (all ages): Vince Boulanger, Gatey Dawkins, Walden Remington, Ted Smith, Robby Mears and Dean Jackson.

Menehune Shortboard (boys/girls 11 & under): Myles Deppe and Brad Flora.

Girls Shortboard (14 & under): Rachel Harrell, Kelly Powell and Jenna Landon.

Boys Shortboard (12-14): Caleb Buchler, Austin Deppe, Spencer Ashton, R.J. Smith, Roland Gerachis and Ryder Lahr.

Jr. Men Shortboard (15-17): Joey Boulanger, Travis Knight, Roy Harrell, Kyle Harman, Matt Meinhardt and Andrew Mercier.

Jr. Women Shortboard (15-17): Laurel Harrington, Kelcey Bodolus, Mackenzie White, Meegan Smith and Caitlin Whalan.

Men Shortboard (18-24): Vince Boulanger, Waldon Remington, Mike Lawson, Robby Mears, George Vitak and Ted Smith.

Women Shortboard (18-29): Kelsey Willison, Jenn Abrams, Kaitlyn Curran, Kate Bassett and Chelsea Remines.

Masters Shortboard (25-34): Gatey Dawkins, Chris Makibbin, Jess Baunhofer, Adam Antes, Jack Thomas and Chris McGervey.

Ladies Shortboard (30+): Bonnie Preziosi.

Sr. Men Shortboard (35-44): Keith White, Art Baltrotsky and Craig Garfield.

Grand Masters Shortboard (45-54): Josh Merritt.

Legends Shortboard (55-64): Jon Ashton.

Grand Legends Shortboard (65+): Bryant Hungerford.

Menehune Bodyboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Caleb Buchler, Brad Flora, Zachary Mitchell, John Moore and Seth Conboy.

Open Bodyboard (all ages): Jake Buchler, Caleb Buchler, Chris McGervey, Josh Mitchell, Nick Leonard and Jackson Monigle.

Menehune Longboard (boys/girls 14 & under): Spencer Ashton, Rachel Harrell, R.J. Smith, Brad Flora, Roland Gerachis and Ryder Lahr.

Jr. Longboard (15-17): Justin Weismiller, Roy Harrell, Jake Buchler, Travis Knight, Matt Meinhardt and Andrew Stewart.

Men’s Longboard (18-34): Chris Makibbin, Dean Jackson, Ted Smith and Bobby Frey.

Women’s Longboard (29 & under): Kate Bassett, Rachel Harrell, Kaitlyn Curran, Hannah Preziosi, Jenna Landon and Chelsea Remines of Berlin.

Ladies Longboard (30+): Bonnie Preziosi.

Masters Longboard (35-49): Art Baltrotsky, Keith White and Craig Garfield.

Legends Longboard (50+): Josh Merritt, Jon Ashton and Bryant Hungerford.