My Thoughts

Insider’s sweet tooth has been getting the best of him of late, and it’s all due to this little place outside Berlin called Chesapeake Bay Farm, home to some of the best cheese and ice cream on the planet. You can’t go wrong with any of the cheeses, and the old guy recommends the chocolate ice cream, but don’t tell that young punk doctor over in Salisbury that tells him his sugar is always too high.

NEST UPDATE: Birds never cease to amaze the old guy. The size of their brains may be the butts of many jokes, but they are smarter than anyone gives them credit. Insider wrote last week about how a couple neighborhood birds had been busy making a nest one branch at a time and mama bird recently left behind two eggs. After redesigning his entire kitchen, the old guy has been keeping an eye on the new arrivals. Sometime late last week one little critter appeared (no idea what happened to the second egg). For a couple days, the parent birds were stuffing worms down its throat and the little baby would chirp to its heart’s delight. Sometime during the day Sunday Insider noticed the baby bird was not moving and its little heart was no longer shaking the little nest. The old guy hoped it was just his imagination, but come Monday the little bird was gone and Insider knows it was way too early for it to fly off yet. The old guy feared it fell out of its nest, but there was no sign of it on the ground below the nest. Clearly it did not make it. Insider likes to think its parents took it off somewhere and paid their proper respects.

You’re a young timer if: you don’t wear a belt; you wear visors with beer labels on them; the phrase ‘work hard, play hard’ is hip; you eat whatever you want whenever you want; paying someone to do something is better than doing it yourself; you never carry cash; you charge everything; your hat is often on backwards; and you don’t watch baseball.

You’re an old timer if: you don’t know what an ATM card stands for; you own a pair of suspenders; you don’t wear pants because your legs are ugly; a bunch of sharpened No. 2 pencils are on your desk; you only shake hands with people you respect; you only use cash and checks; your hat rests atop your head; and you think clock radios suck.