Ocean City Elementary

Ocean City Elementary

OCEAN CITY- Much is typically made of Mother’s Day, as it should be, but fathers rarely get the same attention when their special day rolls around each year. However, Mrs. Kirsten Danisavich’s fourth-grade class at Ocean City Elementary took the time this year to honor their dads with special Father’s Day poems. The following is a sampling of the poems penned by the students about their fathers this year:  

My Dad

My dad likes to take me fishing,

But then the phone goes,” Ring, ring!”

He’s very, very funny,

And says I’m as cute as a bunny,

Now today is his day,

And I want to say,

I love you daddy on Father’s Day!

Love, Savannah Maddox

My heart beats, the world turns,

My love for you is not of this world,

Father and daughter, we’re a pair,

My love for you is beyond compare.

Love, Mary Jo Wheatley

Father’s Day!!!

Hey dad, I hope you are having fun,

And that you are happy to have a son.

I have an awful issue of using tissues,

To hide my tears because,

I feel weird when I am not with you.

Love, Justin Moore

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You are the best,

For being you.

Love, Summer Mattie


Football and baseball,

Basketball, too,

These are the things we love to do!

Love, Summer Mattie

My Dad is the Best!

My dad is not bad,

My dad is never mad,

My dad is the best because he is my dad,

My dad loves me and I love him back,

My dad will play,

Even if he had a bad day,

I know he loves me like I love him.

Love, R.J Hayman

# 1 Dad

My dad is the best dad in the world,

He funny, hardworking, and fun,

He’s number 1!!

Love, Benjamin Cropper

Dear Dad,

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I wrote this poem,

Just for you!

I love you!

Love, Kaylen Johnson


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

You are the best,

And I love you!

Love, Hannah Adkins

To Dad

Dad is a great way to say I love you,

You barely make me cry,

You always get me to do the right thing,

I think you’re a great person.

Love, Jordan Gillis

Why I Love my Dad

I love my dad, he is funny,

He is never sad, but always sunny,

He is always happy, always glad,

These are just a couple reasons,

Why I love my dad.

Love, Harry Gordy

The Tale of You

The tale of you is written by you,

With some paper, a pencil, and soul,

You sing a song within your heart,

To keep our life alive.

The tale of you is created by you,

When you spell it out,

The way its sounds fill the room,

With happiness and laughter.

The tale of you is sung by you,

As the tune keeps going, and going,

And never stops when day turns dark,

Because that shows you care.

Love, Haley Trice

My Dad

Surfer dude,

I love you,

You are so nice,

Even when I’m acting like mice,

Lax dude,

I love you,

You kiss and hug,

Even when I’m acting like a bug,

Worker dude,

I love you,

You keep concentrating,

Well the point is I love you!!!!!

Love, Molly Soulé


Dad is very nice,

Dad is so awesome and sweet,

I always love him.

Love, Eddie Aul


Daddy is his name,

Being a dad is his game,

I love him so much.




Love, Eddie Aul

My Father

My father can make me sad,

My father can make me mad,

Even though he can make me cry,

On him I always can rely,

He does this for my safety,

Even when I’m witty,

But when it comes to baseball,

It will never make me sad or mad.

Therefore I love my dad.

Love, Brooks Holloway


My father is terrific,

I know he is for sure,

When I need help,

He always helps me,

Whenever I do things for him,

He does things for me,

I like it when he trusts me,

And I always trust him.

And all I would like to say is

I love you!

Love, Brittany McTernan


Dad you never make me sad,

And you never get mad,

Dad you are always generous,

And your always courageous,

Dad you have the talent of being the best dad EVER!

Love, Justin Meekins


# 1 Dad

He is the best,

Better than the rest,

He makes me food,

He is so good,

I love my dad,

Happy Father’s Day dad!

Love, Steven Newton

A Bird

Like a bird in the sky,

The whole world is free,

For you and me,

On Father’s Day.

Love, Taylor Braude