Ocean City Elementary School

Ocean City Elementary School held its May Students of the Month Luncheon on Thursday, May 24.  One student from each class was chosen by the classroom teachers to be honored in May.  The students were first graders, first row from left, Jessica Blancas-Chavez, Jesse Keen, Ismael Bonola, Emily Ramanus, Sammy Rupert; second graders, second row from left, Betsy Barb, Evan Ewing, Christopher Leitgeb, Claire Porter, Olivia Turk; third graders, from left,  Ian Crame, Caroline Dortenzo, Haylah Hassan-McCrodden, David L’Hussier, Alexis Nguyen, Julian Tomasello, Alex Ingersoll, Zohar Omer (not pictured);  and fourth graders, from left,  Allison Beck, Benjamin Haines, Travis Hearn, Justin Meekins, Rawan Saleh (not pictured)