Tuesday, May 22 – OC Police File Attempted Murder Charges

OCEAN CITY – A Salisbury man was arrested early yesterday morning after a vicious attack on his girlfriend.  Officers were called to the 15th Street fire station where they met an off-duty volunteer fire fighter.

The fire fighter was flagged down by Catherine Capone who flagged him down as he was driving.  She told him she had been assaulted and needed medical attention.  He brought her back to the station to be seen by paramedics.

Capone told officers that her boyfriend of 20 years, Howard Caltrider, 45, had assaulted her several times in a house where she was staying.  She told them Caltrider held her against her will for three hours.  During that time he strangled her three times so severely it caused her to lose consciousness. 

Officers noted several bruises and abrasions on her body.  She told officers she had been beaten and thrown into furniture several times.  On a number of occasions, Caltrider threatened to kill her.  Capone was finally able to escape when Caltrider was distracted.

Caltrider was placed under arrest and charged with Attempted Second Degree Murder, First and Second Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, and Malicious Destruction.  He is currently being held at OCPD Headquarters awaiting an initial appearance.