My Thoughts

Insider tried to watch a professional basketball game the other night and just could not bring himself to get into it. The old guy likes basketball. Always has enjoyed watching it, particularly the college variety. The professional game is just boring. It’s as if the guys are too good for their own good. They easily make their shots from anywhere on the court it seems and defense is non-existent for the most part. In the college game, the players are a reflection of their coaches. They follow what their coaches instructions and their play is representative of their coaches’ style. The pros don’t need their coaches and let them know it. The atmosphere is just different between the two games. Being different is not always better, but in this case the college game is different and better than the pro game. There are many different reasons why, not the least of which is money. Most of the college players will not be millionaires. Some are good enough to make it at the next level and will be paid more in a year than most families make in a lifetime, but most will make a living in another way. Perhaps that’s why the college game is so much better, they are playing for pride and to win. That’s most important.

The old guy’s best friend likes to sleep in total darkness, meaning all the curtains must be closed tightly to keep out the morning sun. Insider’s curtains are like heavy bath towels.  While they have a nice design and style and all that stuff, they are thick and allow no light to penetrate the cave that is Insider’s bedroom. The old guy is not an early riser. He wakes up early but he likes to roll around for a couple hours before getting up and starting the day. He can tell without getting out of bed what the weather is like outside. The secret is in the birds, who let Insider know each morning what is going on in the weather world.

Insider has devised a system of determining the weather based on bird chirps. If there are no bird chirps, then it’s most likely nasty out. Something is keeping the birds from resting on a branch and singing their tunes. It could be rain, wind, snow or what have you. If there’s an occasional chirp, then it’s a mixed bag. The day is getting off to a slow start. Most likely, the sunrise occurred without nature noticing because there are clouds covering it. It may turn out to be a nice day, but the day must be starting slow. If there’s an incessant chirping, that means it’s beautiful out, the sun is rising and all is well in the life of a bird. It’s most likely warm and the chatter is starting early in the bird community.

Sooner or later, people will learn it’s Worcester not Worchester or Woocester.