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Inappropriate Testing


According to The Washington Post, the Maryland State Education Association is calling on the State Board of Education to suspend its new Common Core Kindergarten Readiness Assessments, arguing that teachers lose too much instructional time administering the new computer-based tests and are not receiving useful data to improve teaching and learning.

Betty Weller, the president of the teachers union, said the MSEA fielded numerous complaints from teachers after they started administering the test this fall.

The union wants the state to halt the testing until issues surrounding the assessments and its implementation are resolved, saying, “Our students in all grades and especially those in kindergarten, which for many is their first formal educational experience are counting on the adults to get it right and provide them with an education in which they have adequate time to learn and their teachers have adequate time to teach. We cannot afford to waste valuable instructional time without ensuring that new initiatives have been thoroughly piloted, communicated and are useful to our practitioners.”

Weller said the union conducted a survey after hearing teachers complaints about the tests. The survey found that 91 percent of responding kindergarten teachers do not believe that the assessments will

help improve instruction. Parents that are concerned about this excessive testing can refuse future testing for their children.

For a Maryland Opt Out/Refusal Guide go to: http://unitedoptout.com/state-by-state-opt-out-2/maryland/

Francis Gebhart



Time To Reflect


Having been in the active law enforcement profession for nearly 40 years, I feel impelled to comment on the current state of law enforcement that I have observed during my career. America’s police are some of the most educated, professionally trained and highly regulated police officers in the world. I never cease to wonder at the dedication and selflessness of our sons and daughters who have volunteered for public service in a profession that, at times, is under-appreciated.

The loss of two New York City police officers to a cowardly assassin should be a time of reflection on the many sacrifices our police officers make to protect the public. In my career, I have witnessed incredible bravery and sacrifice by our police officers to bring to justice criminals who break our laws. It grieves me to see some of our highest elected officials create an atmosphere that fosters distrust of our police. Yes, our profession is not without a very small percentage of personnel, who have proved unfit for service.

Yet the solution of some of our elected officials is to paint, with a broad brush, that our police are untrained and insensitive. Indeed, some legislators want to force police to carry around video cameras to monitor behavior. Really? There is no need for video-profiling of police, and I would hope our legislators understand that police are not the enemy, but our sons and daughters who have made many unselfish sacrifices to keep our public safe.

When law enforcement officers die, as recently happened in New York City, the very fabric of society is torn. Many wonderful citizens have spoken to us voicing their support for the police. I would hope that our elected officials are listening.

David C. Massey, Ed.D.

Ocean Pines

(The writer is the chief of the       Ocean Pines Police Department.)


Thanks For Support


The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers at the Worcester County Humane Society would like to send out a big heartfelt “thank you” to all the organizers and participants of Santacon 2014 for their donations to the shelter.

We cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support of our animals. It is very costly to care for the 100-plus cats and 20 dogs at our no-kill shelter and your donations will be a tremendous help. Thank you for thinking of the Worcester County Humane Society.

The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers at the WCHS


Generosity Helps

Church Bazaar


This letter is being written to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to the Berlin, Selbyville and Ocean City community and businesses that supported Stevenson United Methodist Church’s Christmas Bazaar and Silent Auction that was held on Dec. 6 in Berlin.

We are so blessed to live in an area that is so willing to support our churches and others, in our community.

The businesses, patrons and Stevenson congregation that assisted, donated and/or attended this event have accomplished a great thing.

The support Stevenson received from everyone that helped with this event in any way has enabled our church to help local families in this area in their time of need throughout the year. That is what the Christmas season is all about.

For this Christmas season, please support our local businesses in the Berlin/Ocean City/Selbyville area. The local businesses that helped make this event a success are as follows:

Doyle’s Restaurant, Martha Johnson/Tupperware representative, Hairworks, Inc., Vicky Nock, Scentsy local representative, Victorian Charm, Treasure Chest, Crab Bag, Old ProGolf, Chipolte, Sharon Chandler and Donoway Furniture business office, West OC Fitness, Smith’s Market in Showell, Bleached Butterfly, Chauncey’s of Ocean City, Inca Ruins, Siculi/Tex Mex Restaturants, Linda’s Native American Crafts, Pat Oltman, Premier Jewelery representative, John Chandler, Pampered Chef/Celebrating Home local representative, Marie Villa, Cheryl Bosley, local Mary Kay representative, Susan Arnold, local Thirty One representative, Rebecca Carbaugh, Surf Girl Creations, Dean Poag, local Orgami Owl representative, Cheryl Sandt, Vicky Hotz, Pam Kryger, local Arbonne representative, Doug Auer Photography, Andrea Hoops, Perfectly Posh local representative, Jackie Flora, Ruth with Avon, Julie Redder, local Younique representative, Denise’s Handmade Items, Chick-fil-a, Denovo’s restaurant, Eagle’s Landing Golf, Starbucks, Bruder hill, the Taylor Family Business and Ocean Breeze Alpacas.

Merry Christmas to all and again many thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the Berlin community.

Stevenson United Methodist Church Christmas Bazaar Committee


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