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Writer Misuses Faith


Reading the open letter to Obama in the May 1 edition reminded me of why I avoid organized religion, of any kind — although I consider myself a very spiritual person.

The Pastor may well be “personally disgusted” with the “liberal media” and “Washington politicians,” but that is where it should stay – with him and personal. His proselytizing tone and quotes from the Bible in a secular newspaper would seem to bolster his bigotry against those who might think differently — Christian or otherwise. He seems to hold his own personal interpretation of religion as the only form of faith that has a right to exist; and woe betide anyone who may think differently. He does not ‘corner the market’ with his beliefs, politics or personal grudges.

I agree with him that the death of anyone in the name of religion is anathema to its own teachings – but I see no apology from him for the Crusades conducted against the Muslims in the Middle Ages, nor a reference to Muslims killing Muslims today; perhaps, in his mind, it doesn’t matter because they’re not Christian. I am neither an Islamist nor, as I stated at the beginning of this letter, a follower of any organized religion because, unfortunately, most have blood on their hands shed, ironically, in the name of God.

What an undying shame it is that so many must go through life so deeply offended, rather than using their faith for positive and creative expression — particularly on this bountiful Eastern Shore, where we are surrounded by the beauty of nature and Creation, in a land where most of us want for very little.

Ian Wildman

Ocean City


A Need For Change


I want to start by thanking the editor of The Dispatch for printing the letters by Ellie Diegelmann and Pastor John Abent. You’re to be congratulated for your understanding and importance of both issues expressed in their letters.

As for Ellie’s letter on Budget Scrutiny, she’s absolutely right regarding her concerns. I’ve always felt that this town has an excessive amount of taxes collected from second home owners that have no say on how those tax dollars are spent. The local government, instead of looking inward at their excessively wasted spending and making corrections, continue to try to solve their financial problems by increasing taxes without regard for the financial hardships such increases may cause. During these difficult financial times, this town could lose many of those second home owners because they are no longer able to afford the increasing cost and would be force to sell or walk away from their investment. If that were to happen, this town would be the loser.

As for Pastor Abent, I would like to add to his insight by suggesting all concerned citizens go to the New Testament and read 2 Timothy 3: 1-5. It’s a true awakening and realization of where many in this country are right now in their beliefs and attitudes toward each other, the laws, the government, their morals and religious beliefs. People’s attitude better change soon or Pastor Abent’s predictions will come true.

I don’t want to see this country destroyed from within and I’m sure most people don’t want to see it happen either. This country is way over due for a change. Not the “Fundamental Change” Mr. Obama is causing in this country, but a change that will bring us back to what our Founding Fathers conceived of that made this nation different then all the others. A nation that was either admired or hated by many because of its basic attributes giving freedom, liberty and the right of choice to all its citizens. Now our government has become too large, wasteful and restrictive.

Our leaders are able now to impose their concepts upon the citizens and the economy causing a misdirection and lose of status. The excessive debt has made it impossible for this country to respond to critical disruptive actions in many parts of the world. It’s time that we, the citizens, require government to reduce its size and waste so we can once again be a leader of nations, not a follower. Wake up America before it’s too late.

Paul St. Andre

Ocean City


Now An Independent


After 80 some odd years, and after the re-election of Barak Hussein Obama in 2012, I finally separated myself from the Republican Party. Somehow my one vote didn’t really matter, and after all my loyal years, I knew, like so many old Republican diehards, it wouldn’t change a thing. There were nearly four Million old Republicans like me that never showed up at the polls in 2012, but I wasn’t that brave. I have never missed voting at an election, nor have I ever given thought to do so.

2012 was such a disappointment, which turned into frustration, which evolved into anger, and finally, leaving the Republican Party to join the Independents. A close friend once told me “Winning isn’t everything; but losing is nothing.” Taking this to heart, I looked back on past Presidential Elections and decided, even knowing losing is nothing, I had affiliated myself with an establishment, Republican Party, that did everything in their power to lose these elections.

I am not writing this to criticize particular Republican leaders, but after the last three Presidential nominees who have lost, it doesn’t take an expert to know that losing must feel good to my once affiliated party. Each of them did not lose because of lack of money, so there must be something else that doomed their campaigns. I could bore you with reasons why I think they each lost, but again, I am not here to criticize individuals, just a party that seems to do everything in their power to lose elections.

The Mid Term Congressional elections of 2014 showed a tremendous favorable vote for Republicans or was it a vote against the incumbent Democrats? I hope it is a “warm up” for the coming 2016 Presidential elections, since Republicans seem to have lucked out with what seems to be a Democrat coronation. Once more it is apparent that early odds are in favor of the Republican candidate who can show a willingness to win, and does care about the people over party, right over wrong with no compromise, good over evil, with no compromise, majority is not a dirty word compared to PC, and friends take precedent over enemies.

My final thought is this. I will not give donations to a party unless that party includes all of the people on that side. I have heard worse criticisms and battles between Republicans than I have heard directed toward Democrats. Now that I am an Independent, I expect Republicans and Democrats to throw stones at each other; what I don’t expect and will not accept is in-fighting within parties. Any donations I will give will be to an individual, but not to a “party.”

It is discouraging to see our two political parties so closely aligned. It is also discouraging to go to any political gathering and listen to all the complaints about the other side. For heaven’s sake, I know the problems; the reason I used go to these functions was, hopefully, to hear some solutions. The last political meeting I attended, I was there almost an hour listening to the problems caused by the “other side” but not one possible solution. I left and have never been back to another. I don’t need complaints, I, and all of us need solutions.

In my one year as an Independent, I have received more Republican e-mails and invitations to meetings than I ever did as a Republican. On the other hand, I have not received one communication from the Democrats. I mention this only for the record, not for an invitation. Perhaps, in all this, I have become an Independent Republican.

Frank Vetare





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