Del. Firefighters Charged For Using Watermelons In Vandalism Spree

1 melon

BISHOPVILLE — Five Delaware firefighters were arrested on Friday after local law enforcement identified them as the suspects in a vandalism spree in northern Worcester County when they allegedly threw watermelons at mailboxes and other property from the bed of a pick-up truck.

Around 1:15 a.m. last Friday, Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies were alerted by a resident in Bishopville that several people were riding around in a dark-colored pick-up truck and smashing mailboxes. Worcester County Sheriff’s deputies and Maryland State Police converged on the area and a MSP trooper located a dark-colored pick-up truck traveling on St. Martin’s Neck Rd. near Route 90.

The trooper stopped the truck and located four individuals in the vehicle’s truck bed along with the driver. Also located in the truck bed were 29 watermelons. While one deputy assisted the MSP trooper with the suspects, another deputy began traveling the roads around Bishopville to determine the extent of the spree. The investigation revealed a total of 14 mailboxes had been damaged or destroyed, along with one Waste Management trash can and a sign for a church parsonage.

The investigation revealed the suspects had been riding along Bishopville Rd. and St. Martin’s Neck Rd. throwing watermelons at mailboxes in an attempt to destroy them. During their initial interviews, all five suspects identified themselves as Sussex County firefighters. Each admitted being involved in the crimes committed and each was arrested.

The suspects were identified as Stewart William Pryor, 28, of Millsboro; Dylan Lee Sharp, 19, of Milton; Franklin Adam Martin, 23, of Milton; Sean James Magee, 23, of Selbyville; and Addison Hill-Bittner, 22, of Rehoboth. Each was charged with 16 counts of malicious destruction of property less than $500 and one count of malicious destruction of property scheme over $500.

Each of the suspects was transported to the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office by the Ocean City Police Department and was processed. Each was taken before a District Court Commissioner and all were released pending trial.

5 thoughts on “Del. Firefighters Charged For Using Watermelons In Vandalism Spree

  1. What role models they are to people who respect Firefighters, then they go out and damage people’s mailboxes! I think they should be ordered to replace the damage they did, I want them to use their own labor,time and money to repair the damages, I would have a person put in charge of their crimes to make sure it was exactly replaced in the original matter.

  2. there you go OC . All summer long I a tourist read about all the problems and crime that was coming into OC . Not done by yourown people. I suggest your read this Dispatch all off season long aaand read about all the drubks and druggies in yourown area. I bet all those firemen were TIPSY too. Don’t you think.

  3. I expect better from 20 yr. olds in fire depts. They also did more damage up in Del.,but,did’nt get caught in that jurisdiction.These guys aren’t the cream of the crop in lower Sussex co. fire depts.The presiding judge should let the crimes come through their trials; no plea bargaining. Fair is fair.

  4. They all basically got a slap on the wrist in court. Probation before judgment with only one guilty finding.

  5. Ever do something stupid in your life? Then regret it? If not you are the exception. I know one of the individuals involved in this incident. He is remorseful, totally embarrassed, apologized to his peers and takes full responsibility for his actions. The fact that he is a Volunteer Fire Fighter makes his actions more conventional and stupid; however it does not necessarily mean he is a criminal. If during his service as a volunteer he gave his life saving your home or loved ones responding to a fire would he be remembered as a criminal or hero?

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