Voice From The Readers

A Matter Of ChoiceEditor:Living in Baltimore 60 odd years then moving to Ocean City and walking the Boardwalk passing shops showing bikinis, towels, T-shirts, bathing suits and other attire in the windows displaying same, now adult shops are a thing of concern. Shucks, “The Block” was the thing. Only it was called adult entertainment. They… Read more »

Berlin Right To Fold On Utility Sale

In the poker game that had become the negotiations over the sale of the Berlin electric system, it can be said the Berlin Mayor and Council folded. As in any poker game, if you don’t have the cards and the odds are stacked against you, that’s the only play.While we felt selling the electric system… Read more »

Between The Lines

The sale of the Berlin electric system appears to be in serious jeopardy today, and that’s a good thing. Berlin insiders have indicated the town has been privately mulling whether to draft an official letter withdrawing its intent to sell the system. Most officials were mum on the subject this week, for obvious reasons, but… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Senator Ignore Local ConstituentsEditor:Senator Lowell Stoltzfus, by his actions in lobbying other state senators to temporarily kill a bill banning hydraulic clam dredging in Maryland’s coastal bays, has demonstrated that he is willing to ignore his Worcester county constituents.Ocean City, Worcester County, the Assateague Coastal Trust, the Md. Saltwater Sports Fisherman’s Association, the Ocean Pines… Read more »

What’s An “Undue Financial Hardship”?

The fate of the smoking ban in Maryland was still up in the air this week, although all indicators are the differences between the House version and Senate counterpart will be hashed out prior to the session’s expiration next week.One of the sticking points revolves around an “undue financial hardship” clause and who should determine… Read more »

Between The Lines

A hip trend expected to soon sweep the country is vaporized alcohol dispensers, also known as Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) machines. Legislation has been submitted in Annapolis that would ban them in Maryland. Some states, including Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Arizona and Michigan, have already passed measures prohibiting them. There are lots of concerns here, particularly… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Terror In Resort?Editor:Terror in Ocean City. This will be the future of Ocean City if the SexStyle store is allowed to keep open in this beautiful ocean resort. This store will attract every sex predator and our children and adults will be subject to rape and sodomizing.In June, thousands of high school seniors, most of… Read more »

Voices From The Readers

Parents Need To Think About KidsEditor:I just want to publicly announce my frustration with some parents in the area. What kind of sensible parent brings their children to a smoky bar? I don’t feel right handing parents kids’ menus and crayons and then watching their kids have a side of Marlboros with their food. What… Read more »


Market Will Determine Sex Shop’s SuccessA sex shop has opened in Ocean City, prompting reactions ranging from outrage to yawns, and only time will tell whether this business is here to stay.Most of those up in arms are folks living and doing business in the north Ocean City area. It’s understandable for the other businesses… Read more »