Ocean Pines Approves New Trash Vendor

OCEAN PINES – Officials in Ocean Pines last week approved a new trash and recycling contract.

Last Saturday, the Ocean Pines Association Board of Directors voted to approve a new trash and recycling contract with Republic Services. Senior Executive Office Manager Linda Martin said the proposal was one of three bids the association received.

“All three bids include options for yearly and seasonal pickups,” she explained. “They (Republic) are going to also provide a special leaf pickup as well, and this will be an inclusive contract. So it will be the only contractor allowed in Ocean Pines.”

The Ocean Pines Association received three bids for trash and recycling service. Republic Services, located out of Delmar, submitted a bid that charged $27.50 for trash pickup two times a week, $27 for trash pickup once a week, and $1.40 for recycling once a week.

While the cost of trash pickup would increase, officials say it would be offset by a lower recycling fee. General Manager John Viola added that Republic would also offer five special leaf pickup events throughout the year.

“We have emphasized with them the leaf situation here,” he said. “They will have five or six events that they have added in that they didn’t have before. It’s a two-day period each time because that’s how long it takes them to cover Ocean Pines. They will address the leaves. So that’s an enhanced service.”

Director Steve Jacobs questioned how the company would collect the leaves.

“What I have seen over the last two weeks or so is various homes move leaves from their property right to the roadside. They’re not bagged …,” he said. “My question is, will the contractors vacuum them up or collect more bags than they normally do?”

Viola said he doubted that Republic would vacuum up the leaves, but said he would learn more in the coming weeks.

“We have a policy …,” he said. “You rake up your leaves in your ditch, and then you are supposed to bag it … They haven’t told me they are going to go with a suction, and I doubt that’s going to happen.”

Viola also told board members last week the bid Republic submitted to the association was not the lowest, but that the company was recommended because of its reliability.

“They are a proven contractor,” he said.

Viola added that the price of trash and recycling pickup could also increase each year of the three-year contract.

“They would have the ability to increase the price by 5%,” he said.

After further discussion, the board voted unanimously to approve the trash and recycling contract with Republic Services.

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