Voices From The Readers – December 8, 2023

Voices From The Readers – December 8, 2023

Unacceptable Comments


During a recent Ocean City Planning Commission meeting, Palmer Gillis disparaged members of the City Council with reckless and baseless accusations. In response to learning about the Council’s decision to return a set of proposed code amendments to the Planning Commission for further review, Mr. Gillis made allegations suggesting that the Council members are unduly influenced by external parties. Specifically, “They’re in the pocket of the builders, and developers, and real estate agents.”

With this lack of discipline, and professionalism, and Mr. Gillis’ loose talk, he has undermined the integrity of the Planning Commission and has soured the relationship with the City Council. Mr. Gillis making these baseless claims about members of the Council when they disagree or don’t accept a recommendation is unacceptable. Mr. Gillis owes each member of the City Council an apology, and I plan to address this topic further at our next public meeting.

The City Council is made up of seven dedicated professionals who work very hard for the residents of Ocean City. Our decisions are always informed, well-considered, and aligned with the welfare of Ocean City’s residents. We do not always agree, but we maintain a high level of respect for all involved. I am proud of each member of the Council as well as the staff and leadership of the Town of Ocean City.

Matt James

Ocean City

(The writer is the president of the Ocean City Council.)


In-Depth Wind Farm Coverage Needed


I find it interesting that following BOEM’s presentation of the environmental impacts of US Wind’s proposed power plant to be built a mere 8.5-14 miles off our coast, the media has failed to produce any in-depth reporting on this issue so vital to our community. Rather, publications have printed misrepresentations from US Wind’s Dave Wilson on page after page.

Has any reporter even tried to read the official review of the Draft Environmental Impact statement Ocean City produced? Our town painstakingly devoted time and resources to provide vital information to BOEM and its citizenry regarding this project. Our town enlisted experts in cultural and visual resources, underwater acoustic, economics, marine biology, marine mammals and ornithology to properly communicate the impacts of this project. One would think a newspaper would have been interested in researching and printing this information or, at the very least, using it to challenge Mr. Wilson’s assertions.

Maybe, if there was interest in the truth by our media, Mr. Wilson would have been questioned on his assertion the turbines would have aviation lights that only turn on a few hours a year. Maybe, we would know that technology has yet to be fully developed or approved by the FAA for this use and that actually those lights will blink 24/7, one minute on, one off causing such massive light pollution every home in Ocean City would need blinders.

Perhaps, if this 39-page document was more widely read, an investigative reporter would research the multitude of NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) violations. For example, one might recognize there are other areas more suitable to construction that would not destroy scallop beds or the vitally important Shuster Horseshoe Crab Reserve. Maybe, just maybe, the readers of the local press, or the listeners of local television stations would know the importance of horseshoe crab blood in our medical industry and that it is sustainably harvested like human blood. Sadly, instead, what we know is that Orsted is now sponsoring WBOC’s West Ocean City Weather Cam and that short term monetary gains far outweigh any long-term outlook.

The states to the north and south of Maryland understand the absolute devastation to the ecosystems and economy if these power plants are allowed to be built. They are fighting hard in all aspects of media and courts. New Jersey has multiple active suites. CFACT is in the preliminary processes of filing suits in Virginia and Virginia Beach has just denied Dominion the ability to land high voltage cables on its shores (Delaware should do the same). I understand battles are readied to defend Delaware as well.

The business and residents of Ocean City must show our town and its elected officials that we are appreciative of the efforts put forth to inform and fight for our coast, our town, our livelihoods. We must all flood the Mayor’s office and Town Council with our desire for them to join our fellow coastal states in an all-out effort to save our shores.

Dianna Harris

West Ocean City


Event Support Appreciated


The arts are alive and well in Ocean City. On behalf of the Art League of Ocean City, thank you to everyone who made this year’s Diamond Jubilee Gala a wonderful success. It was an elegant and fun-filled evening at the oceanfront Ashore Resort to support the 60th anniversary of the Art League, help our nonprofit continue our outreach programs, and update our beautiful home, the Ocean City Center for the Arts.

Thank you to the more than 200 guests who attended our gala to support the arts. Our gala committee did an outstanding job of coordinating the event and creating decor. The committee includes chairs Courtney Blackford and Nancy Dofflemyer, and members Virginia Pappas, Heather Ross, Eileen Stamnas, Dawne Pappas, Rebecca Galyon, Patti Selig, Meredith Moore, Cindy Leiner, Cheryl Taustin, and Jennifer Klepper.
Our thanks also goes out to our Diamond, Ruby and Emerald Sponsors: Gudelsky Group of Companies, Jack Burbage Foundation, Atlantic Planning & Development, Emily and Paul Schwab, Bank of Ocean City, Leighton and Rebecca Moore, and Ashore Resort & Beach Club.

Sapphire sponsors were Jerry and Patti Selig, Carey Distributors, Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore, Joan W. Jenkins Foundation, and Snowden Lane. Also, Pohanka of Salisbury, T&G Builders, John Sisson, Billy and Madlyn Carder, Jim and Jan Perdue, T.E.A.M Productions, Gayle and Dirk Widdowson.

Pearl and Topaz sponsors were Sunsations Group, Ryan Wilde, Joe Smoot, Linda Gundersen, Delaware Elevator, Old Pro Golf, Kit and Jocky Creasy, Ocean Downs Casino, Harrison Group, Sandy and Beth Deeley, Sea Glass Pool & Spa, and Dr. Greg and Eileen Stamnas. Thank you to OC Wasabi, Candy Kitchen Shoppes, Phil Cropper, Kathy Denk, and Drew Berkeley for the extra special touches to the evening.

Our gratitude goes out to those who donated to our auction: Nancy Ellen Thompson, Ricky Sears, Bruno Baran, Andree Tullier, Duane Sabistan, Pat Lang, Lisa Scarbath, Elaine Bean, Joe DiGiulio, Ray Ewing, Virginia Pappas, Park Place Jewelers, Kuhn’s Jewelers, Just Tree Creations, Kate Elaine Hammen, and Adam Showell. Also Elite Island Resorts, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, Luna Blu Italian Restaurant, Innerbloom, Kathryn Redden, Captain Steve, Bruder Hill, The Sterling Tavern, Island Creamery, Forgotten 50 Distilling, Atlantic Hotel, A Perfect Face, Cambria/Spain Wine Bar, Patti Selig, Paul Cullen, Pino & Karen Tomasello, Embers, Touch of Italy, Gregory Poulos Photography, Seaborn Seafood, Barn 34, Rina Thaler, and The Hobbit.

Our 50/50 raffle was won by Shannon Southcomb who took home more than $9,000. Thank you to all of those who purchased a raffle ticket.
The board and staff of the Art League are grateful to the many members of the community who came together in support of the arts on its special 60th anniversary year.

Rina Thaler

Ocean City

(The writer is the executive director of the Art League of Ocean City  and Ocean City Center for the Arts.)


Why Should Maryland Be National Wind Leader?


Recently, Danish company Orsted announced it was ceasing operations on Ocean Wind I and Ocean Wind II offshore wind farms off the coast of New Jersey, citing increased costs due to interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues. It’s kind of funny that this industry, so beloved of the Biden Administration, is suffering losses and is even imperiled by Bidenomics.

For a majority of the people on the Shore this is very good news.  And we love the additional bad news for the OSW (and indeed the entire “green energy”) industry coming out almost every day- “clean energy stocks are tanking, local governments saying “Nope! Not welcome here!” or passing regulations that bring to light just how incredibly expensive and unworkable these technologies truly are, etc. In my opinion, anything that interferes with the “green” steam roller is welcome news.

We must be careful and watchful though. We have a Presidential Administration that is all in for green energy, no matter the cost, no matter the incredibly poor outcomes. And Maryland Governor Moore is so excited about the possible sight of thousands of turbines on land and sea that he is even hoping to add the Chesapeake Bay to the national park system. In April, Governor Moore tweeted:

“Here’s why Maryland will become the national leader in offshore wind:

~Our 3,000-plus miles of shoreline for generating wind power

-Our skilled workforce powering offshore wind manufacturing in Baltimore

~Investments in clean energy from my Innovation Economy Infrastructure Act”.

The only way you can come up with 3,000 miles of shoreline in Maryland is by using the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay. I also find it interesting that it was recently announced that the world’s largest steel mill (Sparrows Point in Baltimore) will get a second life as a wind turbine factory.

Our federal and state governments have proven over the years that there is no amount of taxpayer funds they will not happily shovel out to “green” companies with very little oversight or even any evidence that the technologies work.

Please remain watchful and pay attention and when you see or hear something, please spread the word and let your state and federal representatives know what you think about it.

Carol Frazier

Ocean Pines