Voices From The Readers – November 24, 2023

Voices From The Readers – November 24, 2023

360 Families Served

I would like to publicly thank and acknowledge those members of the Worcester County Bar Association who donated to our annual Thanksgiving Charity fundraiser, which is in its 25th year.

This year, through our member’s efforts, we provided 360 needy families in Worcester County the food necessary to have a Thanksgiving dinner in their own homes. Each family received a frozen turkey, a five-pound bag of potatoes, a box of stuffing, and cans of sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and green beans.
I would also like to thank the staff at Worcester County GOLD, Buckingham Elementary School, and Showell Elementary School for coordinating the delivery of these items to those in need.
Happy Thanksgiving.

David C. Gaskill

Ocean City


Offshore Wind Too Risky


It is obvious that offshore wind turbines will reduce tourism, real estate values, and thus the tax base in Ocean City because no one has ever asked a Realtor or vacation rental company for a view of wind turbines. No one. Ever.

Referencing the Nov. 17, 2023, Ocean City response to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) regarding the US Wind Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), a study from North Carolina State University addressing the economic impact of offshore wind on tourism concluded that 55% of ocean vacation renters would not return if turbines were visible. The study also concluded that if wind turbines were located eight miles from shore, in order to keep the remaining 45% of renters from going elsewhere, property owners would have to discount their rents by an average of $1,000 per week. Wow.

To put wind turbines offshore Ocean City gambles with the economy and welfare of Ocean City and Worcester County.

Robert Borghese

Ocean City


Open Invitation To Discuss


I am writing to express my disappointment in Stephen’s Katsanos public letter regarding my property, Ayres Creek. While concerns and questions about the development are welcome, his use of inflammatory language and poor choice of words fail to positively contribute to the community and do not accurately portray the facts.

I extend an open invitation to Stephen and anyone else that wishes to meet and discuss their concerns. As members of the same Ocean City community, it would be more constructive to engage in direct conversation rather than timidly airing grievances in a public forum.

Mr. Katsanos described my email as “whining.” The email was written as follows:

“Good morning Sir. If you would like to chat about the property in question, I’m always open to a conversation. To date, no one has ever called or inquired. I’m making myself available to you so you may disseminate the truth. I’m available most of the day today. Let me know if you wish to chat. Have a great day.”

In addition, I met the president of the South Point Executive Committee at a fund-raiser for the Lower Shore Point Land Trust where I was the title sponsor of the event and requested a meeting.

Bottom line is, effective communication requires a two-way dialogue where both parties can express their perspectives, ask questions, and seek understanding. Instead, Stephen went public with his concerns before taking advantage of my repeated offers for face-to-face discussions. This unfortunate approach should make us all question his real intent because he is right, intentions do matter.

So again, I extend the invitation to Stephen and any other concerned parties as my door is always open to meet and address any Ayres Creek property concerns. I welcome you to a constructive conversation at any time.

Todd Burbage