Kid’s Classic Tournament Results

Annual A

Reel Chaos

The Ocean City Marlin Club’s 19th Annual Kid’s Classic Tournament attracted 73 boats to last weekend’s event. The following is a look at complete results in order of finish:

White marlin release: First place, Reel Chaos, above, three releases; second place, Max Bet, three releases; and third place, Kilo Charlie, two releases.

Yellowfin tuna: First place, Absolut Pleasure, 58.5 pounds; second place, Game Over, 47 pounds; and third place, Still Lucky, 46 pounds.

Annual B


Dolphin: First place, Bet Sea, below with some catches, 23 pounds; second place, Wigg One, 20 pounds; and third place tie, Absolute Pleasure and Lit Up, 17.5 pounds.

Bluefish: First place tie, Delicious and Partnership, 2.5 pounds; second place, Lit Up, 1.5 pounds.

Seabass: First place, Marli, 8 pounds; second place, Alternating Current, 7 pounds; and third place, Fish Bound, 6.5 pounds.

Annual C


Croaker: First place, Partnership, 2 pounds, and second place, Partnership, 1 pound.

Flounder: First place, Fish Bound, left middle, 15 pounds; second place tie, Four Eights and Double Trouble, 10.5 pounds; and third place, Tighten Up, 9 pounds.

Wahoo: First place tie, Piper Blunt, Lit Up, 17.5 pounds.

Annual D

Fish Bound

Spot: First place, Partnership, 2 pounds; second place, nine-way tie; and third place tie, Delicious and JEB.

Spanish Mackerel: First place tie, Grande Pez and Partnership, 5 pounds; second place tie, Skeets, Allen Crew, Spring Mix II and Knot Woke, 4.5 pounds; and third place, Skipjack, 4 pounds.

King Mackerel: First place, Mahki, 15.5 pounds; second place, Spring Mix II, 14 pounds; and third place, Mahki, 13 pounds.

Annual E


Golden Tile: First place, Marli, left bottom, 26 pounds; second place, Marli, 24.5 pounds; and third place, Buckshot II, 13 pounds, at left top.

Blueline Tile: First place, Still Lucky, 17.5 pounds; second place, Amanda Mayhem, 17 pounds; and third place, Buckshot I, 13 pounds.