Who’s Playing When & Where – July 14, 2023

Who’s Playing When & Where – July 14, 2023

Buxy’s/Dry Dock 28
28th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 14: Jack & T
Saturday, July 15: Uprizing
Sundays: Local’s Night
w/DJ Tops Cut Off

Captain’s Table
15th & Boardwalk
In The Courtyard Marriott
Fridays & Saturdays:
Phil Perdue on Piano

Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill
37th & 38th St. Oceanside at
Castle In The Sand Hotel
Friday, July 14: Darin Engh,
Monkee Paw
Saturday, July 15:On The Edge,
Low Tide Lovers
Sunday, July 16: Darren O’Neill,
No Clue Trio
Monday, July 17: Nate Clendenen, Remy & Lyons
Tuesday, July 18: Carley Twigg,
Endless Ember
Wednesday, July 19: Ben Davis,
The Rogue Citizens
Thursday, July 20: Matt Tichon,
Lime Green Band

Coins Pub
28th St. Plaza On Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 14: Lennon LaRicci
& The Leftovers
Saturday, July 15: Jim Long
& Shortcut Sunny
Tuesdays: Karaoke w/DJ Jeremy
Wednesdays: DJ Wax

Cork Bar
Wicomico St., Downtown O.C.
Saturday, July 15: Wes Davis
Sunday, July 16: Danny & Brian

Crabcake Factory Bayside
37314 Lighthouse Rd.,
Rte. 54 Selbyville, DE
Sunday, July 16: Brian Bishop
Wednesday, July 19: Jack & T

Crawl Street Tavern
Wicomico St., Downtown O.C.
Friday, July 14: Tyler Greene
& Friends
Saturday, July 15: Fuzzbox Piranha
Sunday, July 16: Kash’d Out
Thursday, July 20: DJ Magellan

Fager’s Island
60th St. In The Bay
Friday, July 14: DJ RobCee,
Great Train Robbery, All Star Band
Saturday, July 15: DJ Hook,
Other Brother Darryl, Side Piece
Sunday, July 16: DJ Willoughby,
70’s Flashback
Monday, July 17: DJ D’Nial,
70’s Flashback, It’s All Good
Tuesday, July 18: DJ RobCee,
Wednesday, July 19: Groovalicious,
Latin Night w/DJ Patana
Thursday, July 20: DJ Groove, Groovalicious

22nd St. & Bay
Friday, July 14 & Saturday, July 15: Wax

Greene Turtle West
Rt. 611, West O.C.
Friday, July 14: TBA

South Harbor Rd., West O.C.
Friday,July 14: : DJ Bigler
Saturday, July 15:
Rogue Citizens, DJ Bigler
Sunday, July 16:
Opposite Directons
Thursay, July 20:
Dust N Bones Duo

Pickles Pub
8th St. & Philadelphia Ave.
Fridays: Beats By Deogee
Saturday, July 15: Desert Shade
Sunday, July 16: Beats By Deogee
Mondays: Karaoke w/Wood
Tuesdays: Beats By Wax
Wednesdays: Beats By Deogee
Thursdays: Beats By Wax

Pier 23
12817 Harbor Rd. West O.C.
Friday, July 14: Low Tide Lovers
Saturday, July 15: Rick & Regina
Sunday, July 16: Bryan Russo
Monday, July 17: Jack Bannon
Tuesday, July 18:
Bell Bottom Blues Duo
Wednesday, July 19:
Lime Green Duo
Thursday, July 20:
Shortcut Sunny

Purple Moose Saloon
Between Caroline &
Talbot Sts. On The Boards
Friday & Saturday, July 14 & 15
Sunday & Monday, July 16 & 17:
Tuesdays: DJ Madame Dutchess
Wednesdays: DJ Papi Roisterous

49th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 14: DJ Tuff, DJ Bobby O, DJ Cruz, Full Circle, Anthem,
The Benderz
Saturday, July 15: DJ Bobby O,
DJ Cruz, DJ Tuff, The Benderz,
Anthem, Party Fowl, Lost In Paris
Sunday, July 16: DJ Davie,
DJ Connair, DJ Bobby O, DJ Tuff,
Triple Rail Turn, STORM, Lost In Paris
Monday, July 17: DJ Davie,
DJ Bobby O, DJ Tuff, Blake Haley,
STORM, Hometown Radio
Tuesday, July 18: DJ Davie,
DJ Bobby O, DJ Tuff,
Opposite Directions,
Zion Reggae Band,
The Way Outs
Wednesday, July 19:
DJ Davie, DJ Bobby O, DJ Connair, Full Circle Duo, Spokey Speaky,
Kono Nation
Thursday, July 20: DJ Davie, DJ Cruz, DJ Bobby O, John McNutt Band,
Spokey Speaky, Go Go Gadjet

The Original Greene Turtle
116th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Fridays: DJ Magellan
Saturday, July 15:
No Brakes