WPS Recognizes Spring Athletes

WPS Recognizes Spring Athletes
Pictured, front row from left, are girls tennis award recipients Savannah Palmisano, Natasha Richter, Moorea Phillips and Lebby Becker; and firls lacrosse award recipients Caitlin Williams, Claire Windrow, Annie Carter and Sydney Mize; and, back, boys tennis award recipients Dylan Simons, Carson Rayne, Daniel Thompson and Aleksey Klimins; and boys lacrosse award recipients Jack Gardner, Lucas Nicastro, Griffin Jones, Connor Ferguson and Cole Campbell.

Worcester Prep Upper School’s spring sports program came to an end last month at the annual awards ceremony where select student athletes received awards for excellence, including the prestigious 12-Letter Club and ESIAC (Eastern Shore Independent Athletic Conference) Championships.

Varsity Boys Lacrosse: Co-MVPs, Jack Gardner and Griffin Jones; Coach’s Award, Lucas Niscastro; Most Improved Player, Cole Campbell; and Most Outstanding Teammate, Connor Ferguson.

Varsity Girls Lacrosse: MVP, Caitlin Williams; Coach’s Award, Annie Carter; Most Improved Player, Sydney Mize; Most Outstanding Teammate, Claire Windrow.

Varsity Girls Tennis: MVP, Lebby Becker; Coach’s Award, Natasha Richter; Most Improved Player, Savannah Palmisano; Most Outstanding Teammate, Moorea Phillips.

Varsity Boys Tennis: MVP, Aleksey Klimins; Coach’s Award – Dylan Simons; Most Improved Player, Carson Rayne; Most Outstanding Teammate, Daniel Thompson.

12 Letter Club Inductees: Jack Gardner, Griffin Jones, Annie Carter, Sara Miller.

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Left, from left, are 12-letter award recipients Jack Gardner, Sara Miller, Annie Carter and Griffin Jones.

Below right, named to the All-Conference ESIAC teams were spring athletes, front from left, Angeline Todorov, Natasha Richter, Caitlyn Hoen, Annie Carter, Emma Zajdel, Caitlin Williams, Claire Windrow, Lebby Becker and and Savannah Palmisano; and, back, Aleksey Klimins, Cole Campbell, Dylan McGovern, Baylor Hoen, Jack Gardner, Ryan Mann, Connor Ferguson and Griffin Jones. Sports C