Prosecutors Score State’s Highest Conviction Rate

SNOW HILL — The Office of the State’s Attorney for Worcester County announced it has earned the highest conviction rate in the State of Maryland for the prosecution of alcohol and drug-related driving offenses, according to 2021 data released by the University of Maryland’s National Study Center for Trauma and EMS.

Worcester County prosecutors handled over 1,000 DUI/DWI cases during the 2021 calendar year and secured an impressive 92.2% conviction rate. The statewide average conviction rate for 2021 was 77.2% by comparison.

The Maryland State’s Attorney’s Association have previously recognized Worcester County prosecutors for having the state’s top conviction rate each year since 2019.

“We continue to be very proud of our aggressive efforts in the prosecution of DUI cases,” said State’s Attorney Kris Heiser. “These are results that our citizens expect and deserve and are results that should serve as caution to would-be drunk drivers. Now more than ever before, there are so many options available to avoid drinking and driving and the tragic impacts that it can have on our community.”

Heiser added, “Because drunk driving is a crime that is 100% preventable, it remains a priority for our prosecutors, who take every case seriously and have a proven track record of securing convictions. As we prepare for a busy summer, locals and visitors alike should know that DUI enforcement efforts will continue to keep our community safe. I thank all of our police agencies for actively patrolling the roadways in search of these dangerous drivers, and for their diligence in preparing strong cases for us to prosecute in court.”

Heiser also recognized the dedication of Assistant State’s Attorneys Farlow, Stewart, Rinaldi, Smith, Reid and Baldwin, who are responsible for prosecuting the vast majority of these offenses as part of the Office’s District Court Division.