Expansion Approved For Inlet Restaurant

Expansion Approved For Inlet Restaurant
Harrison's Harbor Watch will expand to include a patio area to the west of the existing restaurant. Submitted image.

BERLIN– An iconic Inlet restaurant will expand following approval from local officials last week.

The Worcester County Board of License Commissioners (BLC) last week approved a request to expand the licensed premises at Harrison’s Harbor Watch. The restaurant will be adding patio and outdoor bar space.

Attorney Joe Moore told the board that while the BLC had approved a beer, wine and liquor license last year for Bandit’s Bar and Grill in the Inlet Village, that application was being withdrawn by the Trimper family. Instead, Harrison’s Harbor Watch will take over the outdoor space.

“If the board is willing to grant the alteration, Harrison’s Harbor Watch will be expanded for service in the area…,” Moore said. “The entire premises expansion with the exception of the old Bandit’s Bar area is outside.”

Moore said that the outdoor area had been approved by the board last year though for different connections. He said Harrison’s Harbor Watch would now be leasing the space and would take over the outdoor seating space as well as Bandit’s Bar, the space that was once the Frog Bar.

“We approved all this last year,” noted BLC chair William Esham.

BLC member Marty Pusey expressed concern about the potential impact of outside service on nearby traffic entering the Inlet parking lot.

“We always try to be cautious about distracting drivers,” she said.

Jeb Vetock, director of food and beverage for the Harrison Group, noted there was a glass fence around the exterior patio area. He added that there was also an amusement park “that gets quite loud” in the vicinity.

“We assure you there’ll be no problems,” operator Hale Harrison said. “If there are we’ll take care of it.”

Moore, noting that the stage would be on an interior section of the patio and not close to the road, said the Harrison family had extensive experience in the industry and knew how to operate smoothly.

The board voted 3-0 to approve the expansion for Harrison’s Harbor Watch.

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