Who’s Playing When & Where – July 1, 2022

Who’s Playing When & Where – July 1, 2022

45th St. Taphouse
45th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 1: Keith White Duo
Saturday, July 2: Aaron Howell Duo

Buxy’s Salty Dog
28th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 1: DJ Wax
Saturday, July 2: Bond & Bentley
Sunday, July 2: DJ BK

Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill Oceanfront
Castle In The Sand
37th & 38th St.
Friday, July 1: Darin Engh,
Monkee Paw
Saturday, July 2: Rick & Regina,
Sunday, July 3: Shortcut Sunny,
Beach Mac
Monday, July 4: Nate Clendenen, Smooth Rhythm
Tuesday, July 5: Jack Bannon,
Heather Vidal
Wednesday, July 6: Kevin Poole,
Rich Walton & Joe Mama
Thursday, July 7: Jess Arms,
Trigger Fish

Coins Pub
28th St. Plaza On Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 1: Walk Of Shame
Saturday, July 2: Jim Long,
Lennon LaRicci & The Leftovers
Sunday, July 3: John Schwartz
Wednesdays: DJ Wax

Cork Bar
Sunday, July 3:

Crabcake Factory Bayside
37314 Lighthouse Rd.,
Rte. 54 Selbyville, DE
Sunday, July 3: Shattered
Tuesday, July 5: Brian Bishop

Crawl Street Tavern
Wicomico St. Downtown O.C.
Friday, July 1: Rogue Citizens
Saturday, July 2: Risky Business
Sundays: Karaoke W/DJ Rut
Thursdays: DJ DeoGee

Fager’s Island
60th St. In The Bay
Friday, July 1: DJ RobCee,
Sons Of Pirates, Here’s To The Night
Saturday, July 2: Other Brother Darryl, DJ Denial, Here’s To The Night
Sunday, July 3: Crushing Day,
DJ Groove, In Too Deep
Monday, July 4: Crushing Day,
DJ Hook, Goodman Fiske
Tuesday, July 5: DJ Hector, DJ Hook
Wednesday, July 6: DJ Adam Dutch
Thursday, July 7: DJ Groove,
Holly Montgomery, Kittyback

Greene Turtle West
Rt. 611, West O.C.
Saturday, July 2:
Lime Green Band
Sundays: Karaoke w/ DJ Jeremy

South Harbor Rd., West O.C.
Fridays: DJ Billy T
Saturday, July 2: The Dunehounds,
DJ Jeremy
Sunday, July 3: Opposite Directions,
DJ Billy T
Thursdays: DJ Billy T

OC Eateries
12849 Ocean Gateway
Rte. 50 West OC
Friday, July 1: Chris Robertson
Saturday, July 2: Endless Ember
Thursday, July 7: Bryan Dorsey

OC Fontainebleu Resort
10100 Coastal Hwy. In The OC
Friday, July 1: First Class,
Movin’ & Groovin’
Saturday, July 2: First Class,
Rachi & Heavy Fred
Sunday, July 3: First Class,
The Whiskey Barons
Monday, July 4: DJ Yemi
Monday-Thursday, July 4-7:
On The Edge

Ocean Pines Yacht Club
1 Mumford’s Landing Road, OP
Friday, July 1: Tranzfusion
Saturday, July 2: Eclipse
(Journey Tribute)
Sunday, July 3: Great Train Robbery
Monday, July 4: Beach Bandits
Thursday, July 4: Brian & Things

Pickles Pub
8th St. & Philadelphia Ave.
Fridays: Beats By Styler
Saturday, July 2: The Dunehounds
Sundays: Beats By Styler
Mondays: Karaoke with Wood
Tuesdays: Beats By Wax
Wednesdays: Beats By Styler
Thursdays: Beats By Wax

Pier 28
12817 Harbor Rd., West OC
Friday, July 1: Aaron Howell
Saturday, July 2: Reform School
Sunday: July 3: Kaleb Brown
& Chino Rankin
Monday, July 4: Rick & Regina
Wednesday, July 6: No More Whiskey
Thursday, July 7: Chris Diller

Purple Moose Saloon
Between Talbot & Caroline Sts.
On The Boardwalk
Friday & Saturday, July 1 & 2:
Doc Marten & The Flannels
Sunday & Monday, July 3 & 4: SLAMM
Saturdays, Tuesday, July 5
& Thursday, July 7: DJ Adam Dutch
Wednesdays: DJ Papi Roisterous

49th St. & Coastal Hwy.
Friday, July 1: DJ Bobby O,
Not Leaving Sober,
Jah Works, My Hero Zero, DJ Tuff,
DJ Davie
Saturday, July 2: DJ Bobby O,
DJ Tuff, DJ Cruz, Jah Works,
My Hero Zero, Kono Nation
Sunday, July 3: DJ Davie, DJ Tuff,
DJ Bobby O, Triple Rail Turn,
Late Last Night, Lost In Paris,
Jah Works
Monday, July 4: DJ Davie, DJ Bobby O, Full Circle, DJ Tuff, Jah Works,
Steal The Sky
Tuesday, July 5: DJ Davie,
DJ Bobby O, DJ Tuff,
Opposite Directions, The Burnsiders,
Collie Buddz
Wednesday, July 6: DJ Davie,
DJ Cruz, DJ Bobby O,
Full Circle Duo, The Burnsiders,
Kono Nation
Thursday, July 7: DJ Cruz,
DJ Bobby O, DJ Tuff,
John McNutt Band,
GoGo Gadjet, Anthem