Ocean Pines Food Operations Set New Record Under Ortt Companies

OCEAN PINES — The Matt Ortt Companies officially set a new high mark for Ocean Pines’s food and beverage profits for a single fiscal year, topping $400,000 for the first time in association history.

Fiscal year 2021/2022 combined facilities profits, based on the unaudited report, were $403,554.

“With the Clubhouse Grille, Beach Club and Yacht Club combining for over $400,000 in bottom-line profits, not only did we set a record, but have now established a profit goal to break in 2023,” Matt Ortt Companies cofounder Ralph DeAngelus said.

The good news continued in May, with the Matt Ortt Companies setting yet another record for combined bottom-line profits for that month. That includes all three food and beverage operations, plus weddings and banquets.

“Our banquet and event department are selling that beautiful Yacht Club ballroom at breakneck speed,” DeAngelus said. “Additionally, this year’s entertainment schedule is packed with unbelievable talent.”

DeAngelus gave credit to his upper management team, including Lynda Huettner, Kearston Frey, Lia Isel, and Judie Scotti.

“Lynda at the Beach Club, Kearston at the Yacht Club, Lia in events, and Judie at the Clubhouse have exceeded my expectations,” he said. “They have put their entire heart and soul into their jobs and it shows, not only in profits, but in customer satisfaction levels as well.”

Ocean Pines General Manager John Viola said the continued success of the Matt Ortt Companies is a credit to their entire team.

Among his first acts as general manager in 2019 was to extend the Ortt Companies management contact.

“Since they started here in 2018, the Matt Ortt Companies have transformed our food and beverage operations,” Viola said. “They’ve done an excellent job in terms of service, quality and financial stewardship, and the numbers speak for themselves. So do the crowds every weekend at the Yacht Club.

“We couldn’t be happier with their performance over the last several years, and we’re proud to announce their record-breaking performance this last fiscal year,” Viola added.