Worcester Preparatory School Hosted Bread Sale

Students DWorcester Preparatory School teachers Annie Seipp and Maureen Raines and their students hosted this year’s third grade Bread Sale as part of a hands-on learning lesson combining English, Science, Social Studies (civics and community), Mathematics and Philanthropy. The project is modeled like a small business, with the young entrepreneurs baking bread, selling it to Lower School classmates in a “Café,” and donating the proceeds to charity. This year, the class partnered with the Bad Monkey West in Ocean City where they learned how to make and bake the bread. The students donated $403 to Atlantic General Hospital. Above, third grade students Madelyn Bobenko, Sloane Smith and Camille Leslie share their thank you cards to Bad Monkey. Below, Samuel Baker, Selena Jaoude, Barrett Brittingham, Cole Bergey, Arian Zhang  and Evelyn Smith all lined up to serve bread at the Lady Bug Café.

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