Annual Junior Ring Ceremony Took Place at Worcester Preparatory

Students DThe annual Junior Ring Ceremony took place at Worcester Preparatory School on Feb. 9. It is tradition seniors present the juniors with their rings along with a few insightful comments as to why the recipient is special to them. The Ring Ceremony is an inspiring event showing the bond and friendship between peers. Pictured are The Junior Class of 2023 following the Ring Ceremony, along with Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School Mike Grosso (top row, far left), Head of School Dr. John McDonald (top row, far right), Senior Class Advisor and teacher Madelyn Beebe (front, far left) and Junior Class Advisor and teacher Liz Nally (front, far right).

Below left, members of the junior class stand with WPS members of administration. Pictured, from left, are Jack Gardner, Head of School Dr. John McDonald, Griffin Jones, Harrison Humes, Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School Mike Grosso, Austin Gentry and Logan Ginnavan. Second from  left, are juniors Jenna Hess, Haris Gjikuria, Nicole Telo, Morgan Schoch, Anne Carter and Caitlyn Hoen. Bottom, three juniors from the Class of 2023 show off their new class rings along with their WPS alumni parents. Pictured, front from left, are Chris Hoen ‘90 and his daughter Caitlyn and Anna Bushnell ‘96 with her son Brody Bushnell, and, back, Reid Tingle ‘92 with his son Parker.

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