Voices From The Readers – March 26, 2021

Voices From The Readers – March 26, 2021

Public Works Director Thankful For Recognition


(The following letter represents the contents of an email to current and former Ocean City Mayor and Council members after the surprise dedication of the new public works campus in his honor.)

I can only hope that all of you realize that I started my career with the Town of Ocean City with specific goals in mind. In the simplest of summaries, those goals were to silently operate behind the scenes in an effort to assure that those who made Ocean City their vacation destination would make great memories and would reflect/remember Ocean City as a clean and enjoyable place to visit, and for those who decided to make Ocean City their residence, would enjoy public services, and responsiveness, that are unparalleled by any other municipality and to provide an overall infrastructure that would support redevelopment and growth without the need for building moratoriums, and finally, and of most importance, to achieve these goals by building a team of men and women who would possess a “Can Do Attitude” and a stance of “Treat Others The Way You Would Want To Be Treated”.

At this point in my career, I can only hope I have achieved these goals, or at least partially.

I never, and yes I do mean never, set out to build monuments to myself. It was quite the polar opposite. The concept was to start quietly in 1984 and then exit someday by simply turning off the office light switch and walking out the door and down 65th Street to see what else life has to offer me, or vice versa.

So, let it be known you all totally caught me off guard yesterday. Thanks to “Wear The Damn Mask (lol)” my glasses were fogging up so I took them off when the initial ceremony started. Without them on I’m damn near blind so I didn’t even see my family until I was standing with (Ocean City Mayor) Rick (Meehan). I don’t like being caught off guard but, I’ll get over that (lol).

In closing I say thank you for the recognition and arranging for my family to be in attendance. What a memory to cherish. And, only because “it’s who I am,” I will continue to inform anyone and everyone that may approach me about the dedication that my career has truly been a team effort of many. Some still with me, some who have unfortunately passed, but will remain with me in memory.

Hal Adkins

Ocean City

(The writer has been employed by the Town of Ocean City since 1984 including since 1989 as the director of public works.)