Pines Golf Offers Launch Monitor To Help With Club Fittings 

Pines Golf Offers Launch Monitor To Help With Club Fittings 
A new launch monitor is now available to help with club fitting and lessons through the Ocean Pines Golf Club. Submitted Photo

BERLIN — Individual instruction and club fittings at Ocean Pines Golf Club with PGA General Manager of Golf John Malinowski now feature the Foresight GCQuad Launch Monitor.

This state-of-the-art technology can be used to help personally fit clubs to an individual’s swing by ensuring the correct loft, life and shaft. It is compatible with Ocean Pines Golf Club’s TaylorMade club fitting system and other golf club manufacturers.

Professional club fittings ensure that the purchase of a new set of clubs is a worthwhile investment.

“Every golfer is built differently and has different swing characteristics, which is why it is so important for golfers to have clubs that are fit specifically for them,” Malinowski said. “Properly fit clubs will help the golfers play and make better contact with the ball, which will ultimately help them to score better.”

The price for a full club fitting, which includes irons, woods and putter, is $50. A fitting for irons only is $40. A woods fitting is $30, and a putter fitting is $20.

The new launch monitor can also be used in private golf lessons for all ages by determining club path, face angle at impact, club head speed, distance, and point of contact on the clubface to enhance the personalization of instruction.

A 30-minute lesson for ages 14 and under is $20. Adult lessons are $40 for 30 minutes and $70 for 60 minutes.

“The indoor hitting bay can also be used for lessons in cold and inclement weather without the need for rescheduling or wearing bulky clothing or jackets,” Malinowski said. “This time of year, it allows golfers to get professional instruction to help make their game better now, instead of waiting several months for the weather to improve.”

Appointments for private lessons or club fittings can be made by calling the Golf Shop at 410-641-6057 or emailing [email protected].