Voices From The Readers – February 12, 2021

Voices From The Readers – February 12, 2021

Questions To Consider


Part 1: Inflated property values: My question to the public and city council is, do you only want wealthy property developers to build in Ocean City? The reason for my question is that with bigger price tags on inflated property values equals more taxes. The result is higher costs for tourists that come here. About $3,000 a week or more.

Part 2: The more bang for your buck: What the City Council does not comprehend is how much more you can get at other resorts with $,3000 or more a week. The $3,000 a week can give the tourists a 2021 experience along many other attractions and events, too, instead of 1979 amusement experiences.

Part 3: City Council ignorance: I have watched community members at City Hall meetings beg for answers. The community wanted to have electric bikes on the Boardwalk because it helps with exercise, most importantly for individuals with disabilities, too.  They literally voted and without physically doing it gave the middle finger to the community and did not even acknowledge the comments from the community either. Is that really helping the future of Ocean City?

Part 4: Rules are killing the tourism, and health department is acting like it runs the town. We have more ordinances, and no you can not’s than most resort towns. This is why tourists will go elsewhere because of the high prices, ignorant City Council members and foolish ordinances. Another thing: does the Ocean City Mayor and Council run Ocean City or does the drill sergeants of the health department? They seem to be in charge of every business in telling them if you don’t follow my rules, I’m going to shut you down. What happened to freedom? Or are we following Chinese law now? It’s a legitimate question that nobody can answer.

I challenge the health department to invite the public to a community meeting to answer questions from the public. The health department needs to stand behind its dictating actions and answer to the community. Most importantly answer to the businesses they shut down and put a sword in their hearts. The community, the businesses have a right to the answers in which they seek.

Part 5: The tram services returning with neck tight restrictions. And a real pandemic? So masks must be worn right? But your breathing the same air on the Boardwalk if you walk or take the tram. You’re still walking next to people or sitting next to people. It is the same air. Do you think things could open up, restrictions being lifted if it was truly a pandemic? I doubt it. Educated fools continue to fall for the cat and mouse game. My point is hospitals are supposed be filled right? The medical professionals would be in biohazard suits right? Well that’s not what’s really going on. The local hospital is empty. So the numbers don’t add up. Hospitals are filled to capacity? How’s that work? My father-in-law was in the hospital because of a medical condition two weeks ago and got a room right away. I walked in to use the bathroom and it’s empty. Nobody is wearing biological warfare outfits. So I ask anyone to prove me wrong. The virus is a flu with a 99% survival rate.

For my final statements, I ask the public these questions?

  1. What’s the difference between the big pharmaceutical companies and drug dealer?
  2. There is no difference between the legal and illegal distribution of the product. You don’t know what’s in the product, the masses go by what the experts say. Did you know the experts get paid to sell that product for kickbacks? I again ask the public to prove me wrong. A drug dealer will say yes this will make you feel better and take all your pain away. No difference what the experts are telling you.
  3. Are the pharmaceutical companies responsible if someone gets sick, injured, becomes disabled or dies?
  4. The answer is no. They are not responsible for damage control of the product they are putting in your arm. This is very important to know.
  5. Remember 15 years ago everyone was pushing people to take medication?
  6. And now you have over a decades long battle over the opioid (a real pandemic) pandemic.

Daniel Hagan

Ocean City