Whites, Yellows and Goldens


You ever notice how some fish have very colorful names?!  White marlin, yellowfin tuna, golden tilefish, brown flounder……well, that last one was made up, but it could work.  Today was a very colorful day for some of the offshore fleet and it was also absolutely beautiful.  I got to fish the top of the tide this evening with the family where he had a bunch of throwback flounder and it was reely pleasant on the water.  Tomorrow looks like more of the same so there are going to be some fish caught.

Captain Jeremy Blunt of the Wrecker had a colorful day of offshore fishing when he put his crew on three white marlin releases and some nice golden tilefish.  The white releases came on the troll and the tiles came up off of the bottom.  The two biggest tilefish were a couple of whoppers at 38 and 40 pounds.

66374943_1236278036551534_792157158119571456_n-300x184.jpg 66393271_1236278089884862_330794446947876864_n-153x300.jpg

Captain Corey Kennington and the crew of Boss Hogg had a great day off in the canyons today as well releasing two white marlin and boxing three healthy yellowfin tuna and some mahi.


Captain Chris Mizurak of the Angler reported some good fishing today as the sea bass decided to turn on for him.  Captain Chris also had a couple of keeper flounder come over the rail.

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Captain Monty Hawkins of the Morning Star had some good sea bass hit the deck on today’s trip as well.

Hi Scott, 
Sea bass were playing hard to get, but get some we did. 
Ended the day with a tied fish-pool. Dave Lambert of St. Marys MD had an 18.5 inch fluke, and Sean Murphy of Reading PA had a 17 inch sea bass to tie (by weight) for the pool money. 
Sean also had our only keeper-double of the day. 
Also in the group snap are Declan Murphy – Natalie Hines of St. Marys MD – Raymond Strickland of Anne Arundel MD – Ryan Stetser of New Castle DE – Barry Goldstein of Queenstown MD – and Ms. Holly of Sarasota FL

thumbnail_image2-6-211x300.jpg 66277738_630769227416993_8282230507710709760_n-300x186.jpg

Captain Drew Zerbe of the Tortuga took advantage of the clean water in the back bay today and put keepers in the boat on both the morning and afternoon trips.

66703667_2418422831763286_3891355672868028416_n-225x300.jpg 66632455_2418311508441085_2620141642123837440_n-225x300.jpg

This lucky angler nabbed a couple of keepers on board the Chasin’ Tides Charters with Captain Chase Eberle.


The two best agronomists I know checked in this morning asking where to go floundering and then checked in this afternoon with pictures of keeper flounder.  My old friends Chris Fronczek and Joe Perry fished the incoming tide and had 19 total fish with two keepers for the cooler.

IMG_0995-225x300.jpeg IMG_1003-225x300.jpeg

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