OP North Gate Roundabout Meeting Planned

OP North Gate Roundabout Meeting Planned
Maryland State Highway Administration plans show a schematic of a potential roundabout. Submitted Image

BERLIN — Maryland State Highway Administration officials will host an informal informational meeting on the proposed Ocean Parkway roundabout on July 11 from 6-8 p.m. in the Assateague Room of the Ocean Pines Community Center.

“The informal walk-through meeting allows us to engage citizens individually, but also offers the flexibility to bring people together at a station around common interests and concerns if the need arises,” said Bob Rager, Maryland State Highway Administration district community liaison. “By maintaining an informal, walkthrough atmosphere, we can do this several times throughout the evening as needed and ensure that everyone gets heard. This format also eliminates concerns audience members often have regarding visibility of any screen presentation and difficulty understanding speakers due to room noise or soft voices.”

Rager said recent roadwork on Route 589 and Ocean Parkway was “routine survey work related to the roundabout concept.” It is unclear if further work will be required, in the near term.

Association Vice President Steve Tuttle said he personally forwarded more than 60 emails from homeowners to state transportation officials, most of which were strongly opposed to the idea of a North Gate roundabout.

“Many believe it will be very unsafe and they will not be able to use the North Gate exit from our community, and most believe this project is being thrust upon them because of the PRMC project [on Ocean Parkway],” Tuttle said. “With that kind of community sentiment, we felt it was vital to have an informational meeting with the Maryland State Highway Administration officials present, so our homeowners can express their sentiments and hear directly from the planners of this project.”