Some Recognition For Good Samaritans

Some Recognition For Good Samaritans

Over the last month, there have been two instances – one on land and one in the open ocean – when quick acting individuals responded in a fashion that likely saved lives.

Every summer there are instances like this in Ocean City when brave individuals come to the aid of their fellow human beings and make a difference. Oftentimes, it’s surfers or swimmers coming to the aid of another in trouble in the ocean.

In other cases, strange things happen. That can be counted on and last month’s hard landing on a golf course by a plane that lost power shortly after taking off from the municipal airport and last Friday’s boat explosion offshore certainly fit the bill.

When the local couple was forced to land a distressed plane on a golf course fairway short of the airport, a golfer rushed to help the man and woman. He was able to free them from their seatbelts, which shortly thereafter caught fire. The couple may have been able to escape the plane on their own in time, but it was clear the man’s quick actions were critical in a situation when time was of the essence.

Last Friday a boat caught fire 20 miles off Ocean City’s coast and the four occupants were forced to jump into the ocean. Before the boat sank, a nearby vessel came to the aid of the individuals and quickly got them out of a perilous situation.

These Good Samaritans, such as the golfer earlier this month and the occupants on the nearby vessel, deserve credit for acting quickly and potentially saving lives. These sorts of smart reactions should not be taken for granted and we think they deserve to be spotlighted.

While we are extolling praise, the unsung heroes in Ocean City who prevent tragedies every day are the lifeguards with the beach patrol. They literally prevent tragedies from happening by their quick actions each day. It has been reported more than 140 rescues were made last Saturday in Ocean City. Many of them may have been of the mundane variety, but some certainly were not. There’s a legion of family and friends who care about every single rescue made.

There’s nothing more important than public safety, and with emergency service agencies and well-intentioned human beings working for the same goal it’s comforting to know the general public is in good hands.

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