Voices From The Readers – November 10, 2017

Voices From The Readers – November 10, 2017

National Boycott Reminder


Please remember, this Veterans Day weekend, especially Sunday Nov. 12, is the national boycott of all NFL games either in person or on TV. It’s a disgrace to all men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in America’s wars to have these people kneeling down or hiding in stadium tunnels while our National Anthem is played.

The movement already has a huge following of support. I have family in several states where the NFL is played and they are totally on board by either not going to the games, walking out after the National Anthem is played or just keeping the TV turned off.

Living here in Ocean City, I have found numerous fun things to do instead of watching the NFL.

Let’s send a real message to the NFL and their sponsors that the American people “do” have a say and that you’re not going to deface the American Flag by taking a knee or hiding while “real Americans” fell in battle for the freedoms we enjoy in this country.

Robert Derencz

Ocean City


R1A District Needs To Approve In OC


Surprise, surprise. The local Realtors are against the R1A district in the proposed new comprehensive plan. They cite various concerns without any credible evidence to support their assertions-home prices will decrease, government will be on a “slippery slope” to over regulation, Ocean City will lose tourist. They never mention the real reason which is they will lose rental revenue. Remember the R1A proposal is only for those communities that the majority of the owners support it.

As a home owner with three rental properties on our street, I can give factual evidence that rentals in our community are an welcomed uncertainty especially with the short term weekend rentals. You may get very respectful renters. However, you may just as well get ten cars on the street with large groups of soccer, lacrosse or bachelor parties that don’t respect local owners.

I have searched websites that advertise single home rentals and none mention the restriction of renting to no more than four unrelated people. Do the realtors enforce this or vet the renters. I doubt it as this is violated continually and it is difficult for the city to enforce. Also when selling non- rental homes do the realtors mention that you may have rentals next to you?

The Ocean City Council in 2015 heard enough complaints and evidence from home owners to consider the R1A district for the new comprehensive plan. It is now time to implement this change so that the majority of home owners don’t dread every weekend or week during the rental season.

G.T. McAllister

Ocean City


Givarz Family Appreciates Support


The Givarz family thanks the many friends and colleagues of Bob Givarz for their unyielding support during Bob’s illness over the past two years until his passing in July 2017.

Our recently deceased beloved brother, uncle, great-uncle and great-great uncle operated the Alaska Stand on 9th Street for decades and was as dedicated to his community and his multitude of friends as they were to him. Bob’s legacy will live on in many ways, from the staff members he trained and nurtured regarding how to work efficiently and productively to how to navigate the many avenues of life.

Bob will be missed by all who knew him and those who may not have personally known him but have enjoyed and still enjoy the offerings of the Alaska Stand. The Givarz family is dedicated to Ocean City and to continuing our strong relationship with the community and, most importantly, to Bob’s legacy.

Leslye Givarz and Ken Kambis

Jodi and Dennis Renner


Book Signings Successful


How can I even begin to thank the media, the people of Delmarva and even those around the USA for the wonderful publicity given to me about my first-ever book called “Two Steps Forward – A Memoir”?

On October of this year, I accepted three book-signing events during my visit to Kentucky from Oct. 23 to Oct. 30. Upon my return home to beautiful Ocean Pines, I was stunned and surprised to see all the publicity and pictures in the local newspapers about my book and me. I could barely read the articles through my tears of joy. I was overwhelmed with emotion and happiness by all the kindness and love generated by your informing the public, including my book signings here.

My first successful book signing, here at home, was at the Sons of Italy meeting on Nov. 2, 2017. I want to thank Treasurer Vito Portenza and the members for the large turnout for me to speak about my book and do the book signing. I have two more local book signings to do. First on Nov. 16 at the Republican Women of Worcester County meeting at the Dunes Manor Hotel in Ocean City at 5 p.m. and the second at the Kiwanis Club meeting on Wednesday Nov. 29 in the Ocean Pines Community Center at 8 a.m. I would not have been successful and offered these book signings without your help.

May God Bless you all. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anna Foultz