The Resorter … Revisited – October 27, 2017

The Resorter … Revisited – October 27, 2017

Summer of 1961

Volume VII

Edition 6

Issue Highlights

New this year at Frontier Town was the Longhorn Saloon & Beef House.

The Diplomat Motor Hotel on 26th Street billed itself as “Ocean City’s Smartest Holiday Address.” You could reach them at “Atlantic 9-7148.

In an editorial, Dick Lohmeyer wrote, “Cullens Jenkins is dead. And with his passing Ocean City loses one of the too few confident, hard-driving business men that are needed to make a town great. Jiggs was a giant of a man whose aggressive recklessness in the world of business made more conservative businessmen shudder. Everything he did was big. He played like a giant, worked like a giant, but he had the heart of a mere mortal, and that in the end, proved to be his downfall. … Goodbye Jiggs! We will miss you.”

The Eden Roc Motel on 20th Street was advertising, “Where Sophistication Joins With Comfort … Ocean City’s smart new holiday address where free morning coffee, swimming pool, luxurious interiors, air conditioning, is commonplace.”

Among the new movies playing at the Capitol Theatre on Worcester Street and the Shore Drive-in Theatre three miles west of Ocan City were Midnight Lace, The Parent Trap, Angel Baby, Come September, Brides of Dracula, GI Blues, The Ladies Man, Black Sunday, 13 Ghosts and Butterfield 8.