Cops And Courts – September 8, 2017

Cops And Courts – September 8, 2017

Man Throws Bike Through Store Window

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City man was arrested on malicious destruction of property charges last weekend after allegedly throwing his bicycle into a convenience store front window before attempting to flee from police across the Route 50 Bridge.

Around 2:15 a.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was dispatched to the 7-Eleven store at North Division Street for a report of a disorderly suspect who had thrown his bicycle into the store window, causing it to break. Store employees and witnesses were able to provide a description of the suspect who had left the scene. A short time later, an OCPD officer observed a suspect matching the description walking south on Philadelphia Avenue toward the Route 50 Bridge.

The store employee called to OCPD officers on the opposite side of Philadelphia Avenue that the suspect was the individual who had broken the window. Two OCPD officers began to follow the suspect, later identified as Curran Hanley, 23, of Ocean City, as he walked west on North Division Street. Hanley then walked up the staircase and began walking west on the bridge.

According to police reports, OCPD officers told Hanley at least four times to stop, but the suspect kept walking across the bridge. He reportedly turned around and acknowledged the officers, but kept on walking. Eventually, an OCPD officer gained access to a vehicle and stopped Hanley just west of the draw span.

While Hanley was taken into custody, the suspect began to yell animal noises at pedestrians walking on the sidewalk on the bridge. In addition, OCPD officers observed a fisherman on the bridge gather his gear and move away from the area where Hanley was being detained.

OCPD officers went back to the 7-Eleven store and observed the front window to be shattered with two spider web breakages. Video surveillance footage from the store showed Hanley riding his bicycle in the parking lot before picking it up and throwing it in the direction of the store, but it landed on the sidewalk. Hanley then picked up the bike again and threw it into the window, causing it to shatter. Hanley was charged with malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Uber Driver Assaulted

OCEAN CITY — A New Jersey man was arrested on assault charges last weekend for allegedly pushing an Uber driver after vomiting on his vehicle.

Around 11:30 p.m. last Friday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers were on patrol in the area of 7th Street and Philadelphia Avenue when they observed a suspect, later identified as Adam Greis, 24, of Teaneck, N.J., shouting at another male. As the officers watched, Greis confronted the victim and got within a foot of his face while shouting racial epithets at him.

The victim tried to evade Greis and walked around a vehicle to avoid the confrontation but Greis allegedly continued to pursue him while launching racial slurs. The victim stopped trying to evade Greis, who approached him and shoved him with both hands on his chest. At that point, OCPD officers intervened to prevent a more serious assault from occurring and arrested Greis on a second-degree assault charge.

The victim told police he was an Uber driver and had picked up Greis and another man at a midtown nightclub. The victim told police Greis had vomited on the outside of his vehicle and attempted to clean it up. When the victim told Greis to leave it be and stop trying to clean it up, Greis allegedly became upset and began lashing out at the victim with racial slurs before allegedly assaulting him.

Dine And Dashers Arrested

OCEAN CITY — Four Pittsburgh women face theft charges this week after allegedly rolling out of a downtown seafood restaurant without paying for their food and being followed for several blocks by restaurant employees.

Around 5:15 p.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to Phillips on 21st Street in reference to a group of four women who had left the restaurant without paying the bill. Restaurant employees had followed three of the suspects, identified as Rohnda Cox, 24, Brittany Jones, 35, and Jamikka Coates, 24, all of Pittsburgh, who were seen running away from the restaurant carrying a large bag of boxed-up food from the restaurant. A fourth suspect, Shanekqua Coates, 24, of Pittsburgh, was detained back at the restaurant.

When OCPD officers arrived, they saw Jamikka Coates look at them and then drop the large bag of food from Phillips into a trash can. When police approached her, she reportedly told them she was no longer carrying the food, so she could not be charged with theft.

OCPD officers interviewed the waitress who told police the four women had ordered the food and a short time after they began eating it, they all requested boxes. The waitress told police Shanekqua Coates was gone from the table for an extended period of time. When the waitress returned a few minutes later, the other three suspects had fled with the boxed-up food without paying the bill, which totaled over $111.

OCPD officers spoke with another restaurant employee who was outside on a smoke break when he observed the three suspects “sprinting” from the restaurant carrying the large bag filled with carryout containers. Restaurant employees followed the three suspects to the Boardwalk at 18th Street four blocks away and urged them to return to the restaurant to pay the bill, which is when police arrived. Based on the evidence and witness testimony, the four suspects were arrested and charged with theft.

Arrested Twice In Three Days

OCEAN CITY — A resort homeless man had a rough couple of days with two arrests in three days for separate incidents on the Boardwalk

Around 2:30 p.m. last Saturday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer on patrol was dispatched to the area of the Caroline Street comfort station for a reported disorderly male suspect. When the officer arrived on the scene, he observed the suspect, identified as William Livingston, 49, of no fixed address, sitting on a bench with multiple cuts on his hands, knees, elbows and face. It also appeared Livingston had urinated on himself, according to police reports.

The OCPD officer watched a father with two young daughters pull his children away from the ramp to the Boardwalk after Livingston stumbled down the ramp. Another OCPD officer reported Livingston had allegedly cursed at another family with young children. Yet another witness told police Livingston was intoxicated and had been yelling at passersby on the Boardwalk. Based on the evidence and testimony, Livingston was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and intoxicated endangerment.

Saturday’s arrest was the first of two for Livingston in the span of about 48 hours. Around noon on Monday, an OCPD officer responded to the area of 2nd Street and the Boardwalk for a report of a disorderly male yelling at and trying to fight people on the Boardwalk. The OCPD officer located the male suspect whom he knew as Livingston from his prior arrest for the same behavior two days earlier.

The officer learned Livingston had screamed at and threatened to fight two Ocean City Beach Patrol officers in addition to people walking on the Boardwalk. According to police reports, a crowd of around 30 people had gathered on the Boardwalk to watch Livingston’s actions.

Beach Patrol officers told police Livingston was threatening people on the Boardwalk. They also told police Livingston told them he was going to swim out to the sea buoy which is about a mile offshore. Based on the most recent evidence, Livingston was again arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxicated endangerment.

More Homeless Issues

OCEAN CITY — Another resort homeless man was arrested twice in about 24 hours for similar behavior on the Boardwalk.

Around 3:20 p.m. last Friday, an Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officer was approached by a citizen on the Boardwalk who reported a known homeless man, identified as William Anderson, 28, of no fixed address, had been walking in and out of the men’s and ladies’ rooms at the Caroline Street comfort station and acting strangely. OCPD officers were familiar with Anderson from previous incidents over the prior two days.

OCPD officers observed Anderson stumbling on the sidewalk on Caroline Street toward Baltimore Avenue. At one point, Anderson laid down on the sidewalk. He then got up and crossed Baltimore Avenue and two vehicles had to brake abruptly to avoid hitting him. Anderson then walked to the corner of Dorchester Street and Baltimore Avenue where a large group of people were waiting to cross the street including families with young children and they cleared out of the area when Anderson approached, swinging his fists in the air. At that point, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and intoxicated endangerment.

Around 2:45 p.m. the next day, OCPD officers were on patrol in the area of the Caroline Street comfort station when they observed Anderson yelling and swearing at families with young children on the Boardwalk. According to police reports, Anderson was yelling racial slurs and dozens of passersby. He was taken into custody again and was charged with disorderly conduct.

After his arrest, a Boardwalk ice cream parlor employee told police around noon that day, she observed Anderson fighting with another homeless man and pushing him down the steps. Based on the witness statement, additional charges of assault were tacked on to Anderson’s initial disorderly conduct and intoxicated endangerment charges.

Extreme Indecent Exposure

OCEAN CITY — A New York man was arrested on indecent exposure and other charges last weekend after a visitor found him passed out with his pants down next to a pile of feces near her vehicle.

Around 6 a.m. last Sunday, Ocean City Police Department (OCPD) officers responded to the area of 55th Street for a reported naked man lying in the parking lot. OCPD officers discovered the suspect later identified as Mark Osadnick, 24, of Fairport, N.Y., lying in the parking lot covered in feces on his face, pants, legs and arms. There was also a large pile of feces next to a parked truck.

OCPD officers spoke with a female witness who said she went out to her vehicle in the morning to go get coffee when she discovered Osadnick lying next to her vehicle covered in feces with a large pile of feces next to her vehicle to the point she could not gain access to it. Based on the evidence, Osadnick was arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly intoxication.