The Resorter … Revisited – June 2, 2017

The Resorter … Revisited – June 2, 2017
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Season of 1959

Volume V

Edition 7

Issue Highlights

Manager Bob Harman welcomed guests to the Sea Scape Motel, “The Finest Ocean City has to offer,” according to its advertisement. The ad copy read, “Long a favorite of discriminating vacationers, The Seascape Motel this year brings to Ocean City a newer, bigger, more modern motel where the accent is on luxury.”

In a story headlined, “Convention Center Seen Here By 1960,” it was reported, “Even when the state agrees to finance a center here, the biggest obstacle will still be awaiting the planners. That is the local bickering on where the hall should be located. Some will want it on the Boardwalk in the downtown section. Other will want it on the Boardwalk in the north section. Still others will want it on the bay, and whether guided by selfish or civic-minded motives, the various groups will fight most vigorously for their selection.”

Robert Mitchum, a native of the Eastern Shore who at this time had just bought a ranch in the area, was featured in “The Angry Hills,” which was to open at Showell Theatre this month.

Open noon to midnight, Phillips’ Crab House Seafood Restaurant was located mid-block between 20th and 21st streets at this time.

An ad for the Stowaway Motel boasted, “52 bright modern units are contained in this new beautiful luxury motel. All rooms are tastefully decorated, air-conditioned for hot weather and efficiently heated for the few cool off-season days.