The Resorter … Revisited – May 26, 2017

The Resorter … Revisited – May 26, 2017
09 19 Color Resorter WEB

Summer of 1971

Volume XVI

Edition 3

Issue Highlights

• The Resorter Girl this week was Kathy Forbes, who was also featured in Hess Apparel’s full-page advertisement.

• New for the summer at Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Moore’s Gateway Motel on 48th Street was the addition of five-channel color televisions to the rooms and telephones in   all units.

• Among the stores in the Montego Bay Shopping Center at the time were the Montego Bay Market, Peterson’s Wonderful Homemade Candies, Durene’s Apparel,       The Pelican Grill and Bar, Wimp’s Variety Store, Alice’s Gift Shop and Pants Plus.

• Among those pictured in Tom Hart’s Salt Spray were Arnold Pirone and John Meushaw Jr. of the Francis Scott Key Restaurant; the Reverend and Mrs. Lawrence     Wimbrow at the Francis Scott Key; and Billy and Jean Fleming at the Fountain Court Motel.

• Featured in Mike Elliott’s Delaware Sun Spots column were Betty Bates of the Seaside Country Store; Clarence Tingle of Tingles Motel; Paul Bennington of Adam’s   Market; and Ruth and Uncle Perry Alexander in their Antique City.

• Among the upcoming conventions in Ocean City were Water Pollution Control, the Commander; Association of Letter Carriers, Plim Plaza; The Navigators, Santa     Maria; Perdue Growers Assocation, Convention Hall; Oil Dealers Association, Surf & Sands; University of Md. Reading Institute, Beach Plaza; and Delmarva Sales     Company, Convention Hall.