Local Photographers Recognized At Vegas Trade Show

OCEAN CITY – Ocean City’s own Flashback Old Time Photos collected more than its share of awards at a recent trade show in Las Vegas with eight different local photographers earning a total of 14 awards.

Ocean City photographers Kelly Edwards, Connor Gray, Courtney Handforth, Erica Lannon, Sue McCrodden, Jay McLure, Emily Poloney and Jason Shatzer of Flashback Old Time Photos were recognized at the 2017 Antique and Amusement Photographers International (AAPI) Photo Contest held Feb. 1 in Las Vegas.

The local photographers from the iconic Boardwalk flashback photo business received a total of 14 awards at the event.

Shatzer was the big winner with four ribbons including second place for his humorous portrait, third place for his digital poster, and two honorable mentions for his western portrait and group portrait.

Edwards earned three ribbons including second place for her large group portrait, third place for her portrait of a child and an honorable mention for her portrait of a woman.

Handforth earned two ribbons, both honorable mentions for her Civil War portrait and a portrait of two persons. McLure received a second-place ribbon for his Chromakey portrait and Lannon received a third place for her portrait of a baby.

Gray, McCrodden and Poloney each received an honorable mention for their portraits including Gray for a pirate portrait; McCrodden for a children portrait; and Poloney for a ’20s-era portrait.

Flashback Old Time Photos has three locations in Ocean City at 1st Street on the Boardwalk, Somerset Street on the Boardwalk and Ocean City Square Shopping Center. They also have two locations in Virginia Beach.

For more information, call 410-289-2598 or visit www.oldtimephotos.com.

The AAPI annual photography competition attracts hundreds of entries representing photo studios a-cross the United States, Canada and Europe. AAPI is a professional association for photographers and vendors specializing in souvenir photography including antique or “Old Time Photos,” special events, historical re-enactments and amusement portraits.

Members are located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as several other countries.

For more information or to see all the winning portraits, visit the AAPI website at www.oldtimephotos.org.