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Christy Freeman admitted to police last week she delivered at least one baby on a toilet and let it drown before wrapping it in a blanket and concealing it. The case would seem to be a slam dunk at this point for the prosecution, but it would seem logical any defense attorney will at some point question the legality of the confession. Nonetheless, Freeman’s confession is horrifying, and a grand jury is indictment is expected later this month. There are still plenty of unknowns and more charges could be filed in the near future on the other infant remains discovered. What’s next will depend largely on a medical examiner’s report on the remaining fetuses found at her Sunset Drive home. In her statement to police last week, Freeman said she was admitting to delivering the baby, which was found to be near-term, on the toilet and leaving it there to die so her kids would be left alone by authorities. There has been no word on the second twin. She also was concerned what her kids and her boyfriend might be thinking. In an interview with Freeman, Detective Vicki Martin asked why she did not try to save the baby in any way. “I asked if that was because it meant nothing. Freeman replied, ‘Yes,’” police records said. It’s anyone’s guess what those close to Freeman have been thinking over the last couple weeks, although it’s clear they will need to come to terms with the fact she is a confessed murderer.

The good news is there are not many of them, but the bad news it seems there were some knuckleheads taking part in this year’s White Marlin Open. Most captains and anglers participating in this tournament are conscious of conservation and preserving the ocean’s resources. That’s why it was surprising to see a handful of light white marlin brought to the Harbour Island Marina on Tuesday. The boats weighing in white marlins of 54 pounds, 59 pounds, 60 pounds, 58 pounds, 43.5 pounds and 59 pounds, deserve to get some boos by those gathered at the weigh station. It’s difficult to determine the exact weight when you are offshore, particularly if the length is on target, but the professionals have a fairly accurate conversion method to guess on weight, and some of these should still be swimming, especially considering all the controversy surrounding the health of the white marlin species these days. While there’s room for some criticism on those who brought the light fish to the scales, these figures are worth remembering – through three days, 177 white marlin released and 10 killed.

Ocean City’s Boardwalk has been on quite a roll this summer as far as free publicity goes. A MSN Travel article posted online recently by named the Ocean City Boardwalk among the country’s 10 best. Listed as well were Atlantic City, N.J., Coney Island, N.Y., Kemah, Texas, Mission Beach, Calif., Ocean City, N.J., Rehoboth Beach, Del., Santa Cruz, Calif., Venice Beach, Calif. and Virginia Beach, Va. Among those conspicuous by their absence were Atlantic City, N.J. and Wildwood, N.J.

In other news, a month or so ago, there were some rumors floating around about a sick new game some pranksters have been playing on the Boardwalk.  Within the last week, I have on two separate occasions heard of it again. Therefore, I think it should be passed along, simply to make people aware. The game is reportedly called “Boardwalk Bills” by those orchestrating it. It seems some people are folding dollars bills in half and placing them intentionally on the Boardwalk. As passersby notice one, they inevitably reach down to pick it up only to learn feces is placed inside the bill. This is certainly not just another harmless prank.

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