Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

vanishing 4-25

Much of the bayside was still undeveloped in this aerial view of 53rd to 54th streets in the mid-1970s.

Boulden’s Marina — today the site of Beach World, Chauncey’s Surf-O-Rama and Bayside Rentals — is in the center of the photo while the large grassy area is now occupied by the San Remo Condominium.

The small island in the background is today part of Macky’s Bayside Bar and Grill, which features a white sandy beach with open air dining. The Candy Kitchen has remained on 53rd Street for over 40 years.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Boulden


2 thoughts on “Vanishing Ocean City With Bunk Mann

  1. Great Memories at this Marina. My Dad kept his Boat in slip 13 and we had a Catamaran at the point. On a Columbus Day weekend we pulled the boat to take it back to Baltimore. The bottom of the boat was so messed up that he decided to let Mark from the Marina clean and store it for the winter. Later that Sunday Mark trailered the boat out onto Ocean Highway and the wheels fell off the trailer in the middle of the Columbus Day parade. The parade came to a standstill. My Dad never had a trailer again.

  2. That was Brian Eiland’s sailboat rental, my brother’s Chris, Tim and I (13,11 and 10 at the time)were employed by Brian to help set up the boat’s when he was “delayed” getting their in the AM. I learned to sale on a Sunfish in the cove on the right, at that time the rental was called RACI Sailing Center and owned by Bill Crawford and some relatives, mostly STX people from Baltimore. The rental was then taken over by Peck and Patti Miller from Sailing Etc. and eventually became Mackeys. I have many great memories on that point as a child, thank you Buck Mann for the photo!

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