Berlin Couple Dead After Suspected Murder-Suicide

Photo by Steve Green Photo by Steve Green

BERLIN — Local authorities remain on the scene this afternoon investigating a suspected “murder-suicide” on Williams Street in Berlin.

The Berlin Police Department received an initial call this morning at 8 for a shooting. The Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (WCBI) responded to the scene at 603 Williams Street as well as the Md. State Police Homicide Unit.

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Ed Schreier confirmed at noon today that authorities believe the male resident of the house, Lester Wright, 89, shot his wife, Ada, 90, and then tried to kill himself. Lester Wright was found alive on the scene, but died later at the hospital.

“They are investigating this as a suspected murder-suicide. A female was shot twice. The male had what appeared to be three self-inflicted gun wounds. He was transported to PRMC and died at PRMC. She was found deceased in the residence,” Schreier said. “It’s still currently being investigated.”

Schreier said part of the probe is determining a possible motive for the incident involving the long-time Berlin residents.

“At this point in time, we do not have any of that information,” Schreier said.  “We can’t speculate as to the reason why at this point.”

Lester Wright, 89, and Ada “Midge” Wright, 90, purchased their Berlin home in 1965, according to land records. Lester Wright was a former town business owner.



6 thoughts on “Berlin Couple Dead After Suspected Murder-Suicide

  1. Looking for motive. Are you nuts? 89 and 90 yrs old, what support or quality of life did they have. In the older days, neighbors used to check on the elderly. As a Geriatric NP, don’t bother looking far. Life had become too difficult and obviously, there was no one there for them….All should be saying, “There for the grace of God, go I.”May they RIP….How sad…..Check on your neighbors, the life you save, may e your own…

    • I’m being told, this won’t be published. And I thought the best little town in America had heart. I know the Shockleys do, and would want them for neighbors anyday…..

    • I agree life can be too difficult and no options, no family, no plan, too much pain. Sounds sad but this will be my fate also.

  2. Midge and Lester had many, many friends who supported them as only life-long friends can. Their quality of life was good for people of their age. They still got out and were visited or spoken to by family and friends daily. They were set to move into an assisted living facility on Friday of the same week they died. However, the Wrights were very independent people, and leaving their home and the life they knew was evidently too much for them. They chose a different path.

    Your negative generalization of Berlin, the Wright’s neighbors, and their friends in general is uncalled for and completely off base. However, I believe your sentiments stem from a caring nature, so have a care for the people who are now mourning the loss of these people who meant so much to them.

  3. You know what they say about opinions….. world full of heartless people. May they RIP, and family and friends have great memories. This world is so out of control, which causes some some of these desperate decisions. Their age proves that! They lived in a time where life was good, you worked, felt safe, and had some type of control. Not anymore. So sad.

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