Use Perspective On Season’s Surge


Ocean City is changing for the worse. That’s what many have concluded after a stormy couple of weeks on the crime front to kick off summer.

We say let’s allow the season to progress before we start referring to Ocean City as downtrodden and dangerous.

There is no question late-May through mid-June can be a challenging and disturbing time for Ocean City. Many of the crimes of late have raised public safety questions, but they are not unlike incidents from previous years. That may be difficult to believe, but it’s true and records confirm the same kinds of arrests being made now were made last year and the years before.

Ocean City becomes a metropolitan city this time of year and with that surge in population comes urban problems. It’s understandable for locals and visitors alike to be concerned when they hear of a stabbing, drug deals and traffic stops leading to guns and huge brawls on the Boardwalk in the wee hours. None of that has any place in Ocean City, but we need to exercise some caution and perspective before jumping to extreme conclusions.

What makes this year seem different is the perception many have while observing the resort’s guests as they traveling through town and, more specifically, while walking the Boardwalk.

It’s not a wholesome bunch and it’s not the visitors many expect to see in Ocean City. In fact, they look violent and in some cases are, and they are not here to enjoy the beach, bays and Boardwalk. Instead, they look as if they are intent on fighting, raising hell, doing drugs and drinking. It’s disturbing to see this group of miscreants with their disgusting sense of entitlement seemingly growing each year, but we do believe they are the minority of our visitors.

What we need to do is balance our concerns and fears with the working knowledge that this is June in Ocean City. Problems are going to arise when tens of thousands of graduates come to Ocean City looking to celebrate. Combine that with weekends that are jammed with heavy-drawing events and there are bound to be concerns. What needs to be addressed by the city’s leaders is whether the city wants to continue to host these sorts of events during this time of year.

We are not ready to push the panic button and join the group who believe Ocean City is losing its family-friendly image. That will need to be revisited in a couple weeks when the graduate season has ended and families begin converging on Ocean City for their vacations.

Typically, the disturbing incidents that make up every June are long forgotten come July and August when Ocean City, and we look forward to observing that over the coming weeks.

12 thoughts on “Use Perspective On Season’s Surge

  1. Ocean City has lost it’s appeal as a go-to family resort ! No panic button here. Just a fact ! Too much has been tolerated through the years. Now the payback continues.

  2. I have lived here most of my life. Teenagers of the 60-70-80’s were not like todays thugs. If we don’t fix the national problem it will never get better. Remove the slum lords from Ocean City and that will be a start. Slum lords rent to this morans! Get rid of the slum lords

  3. We have not only lost our family-friendly image. We have lost large amounts of our family tourists. Replacing them with disrespectful over indulging drunks. You ask us to wait til late June and July. Why so we can watch the drunk zombie’s walking up and down coastal hwy not just in the night but all day long. Family image is gone! The party element won over our town and won’t be easy to bring families back in the numbers able to sustaion city’s Over developed state. I will be watching as you share your wisdom. What about the triple stabbing last night. Sorry it worse than years before. Police press release can sugar coat all they want. Go out on the street is clearly has been taken to a new level of concern. God Bless and I believe in Ocean City. I trust we will someday get back to what we should be.

  4. I think it’s a cop out to generalize that it’s grads causing all the problems. There are just as many young and even older adults causing problems. Our town has focused only on getting more people into town, instead of targeting families. And we have not expanded our services such as police to match the increasing crowds. OC is a party town now.

  5. open your eyes. there is big difference between wide eyed wholesome looking 18 year old graduates and saggy pant clothed foul mouthed grungy 25+ year old looking groups. Free events like the Air Show bring in day trippers.

  6. Totally agree. Heck, the last several years (at least on the west side of coastal highway) it has been relatively quiet during the week (M-Thur) then moderate increase in traffic/people Fri Sat Sun. Even the last 3 June Bug weeks (again on the west side of coastal highway)have been realitively uneventful as in past years.

    Still can’t wait until mid-July so those crazy wave runners (everywhere now) are less so I can fish in peace! HA


  7. I will hold my breath and see if July is better for OC but definitely seems to be a change in city. The boardwalk is down right dangerous. I have a family rental property and potential renters are Leary to come beacuse of bad press. Town needs balance events we host, custom car show needs to go.

  8. The Mayor and Council are only worried about revenue no matter how they get it. The car shows, bike shows and the black bikers week during Memorial Day are destroying out town. The noise, fighting, boozing, rudeness are destroying a great family resort.

  9. One worries (Council) about revenue always. How we (OC) got to rely on other avenues of having full capacity rather than family capacity ~ THAT should be the question. Not June Bugs, car/truck/air shows, Parades, Sun/Springfests, Oktober Fest firefighters and Bike shows.

    Speaking of the latter, the last I checked everyone who rides a bike ~ is a “Biker”. This is the 21st century and there is no further need for color stupidity. SHEESH!


  10. It doesn’t help any that you can’t go one block in Ocean City without seeing a business that serves alcohol. I have yet to see how this helps our reputation as a family friendly destination.

  11. Can’t go one block without seeing an establishment that sells spirits…which tarnishes OC’s rep as a family friendly destination???

    Last I checked alcohol is legal in the USA and if sold to minors the hammer comes down on that establishment. I have difficultly understanding how alcohol hurts our reputation. Without officially identifying these establishments by name: “Pirate” place; or “Daily Duck Feeding” place; or “Color of a Moose”; or “Turtle”; or “3 in one” place; or “XXX Tails”; or the “Liquid wine place”; or “the Island” place or the list goes on EVER sold to minors that hammer would be so loud ~ hence they check very well to avoid gettin the hammer.

    Taking away spirits, tobacco, etc does not/would not make OC any better. I remember the great days that have passed when one could go out on the dunes make a “bonfire”, have some suds and not cause any problems. Yeah, they are long gone, now the stimulation with the youngins is non-stop. The bars didn’t do this, the cig companies didn’t do this….society could be the answer.

    Our town is full of family friendly activities ~ we’re in a down time (kinda like the late 1970’s early 80’s) and lots of news is negative. Patience to we oldies and those newbies to our City…Patience!!!

    Its an overcast Tuesday ~ sure hope the 2nd rung of June Bugs got $$$$ from their parents so they can spend it to help our merchants!!


  12. I’ve been living in Ocean City for over 4 years now, and I don’t understand how anyone can think of OC as a family friendly town. Yes, I agree this year is worse than last year (like soem sort of apocalyptic 80’s movie where hoodlum children take over the streets), but this town survives on pumping people full of booze. It’s what it does, and it doesn’t hide it. They now exactly what’s going to happen during senior week, but they encourage it because it fills up the hotels. My friend was a taxi driver here for awhile, and you’d be disgusted to hear of the things he saw coming out of the bars around here. Anyways, happy, Wednesday!

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