NEW FOR TUESDAY: Teen Injured After Third-Story Fall At Underage Party

OCEAN CITY — Unfortunately, one of the dangerous signs of late spring in the resort area manifested itself last weekend when a local teenage girl fell from a third-floor window at a residence on 52nd Street where an underage party was going on.

Around 11:30 p.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police responded to a residence on 52nd Street for a reported fall from a third-story window. The investigation revealed several juveniles were attending a party during which alcoholic beverages were being consumed. During the party, the victim, whose name has not been released and has been identified only as a 14-year-old female from Worcester County, attempted to exit the unit through a third-story window and fell to the ground below.

When OCPD officers arrived, the victim was conscious and alert, but disoriented. The victim was treated at the scene by Ocean City Fire Department paramedics and was later flown to the University of Maryland Medical Center’s Shock Trauma in Baltimore by Maryland State Police helicopter as a precaution. The victim was later released from Shock Trauma to her parents.

The investigation is ongoing, but foul play is not expected in the incident. Ocean City Police said this week it will not release the name of the victim or the other juveniles involved. The findings of the investigation will be forwarded to Worcester County Social Services for further investigation.

2 thoughts on “NEW FOR TUESDAY: Teen Injured After Third-Story Fall At Underage Party

  1. Lots of adults can/should be in trouble. Owners, parents, individual(s) who bought the alcohol….if the underagers were able to buy it – then the establishment.

    Thankfully the young teen was ok!

    Safer on my boat in assawoman bay than the streets!


  2. Adults should only be punished if and Only if the adults were present and/or did buy the alcohol.

    Otherwise, punish the kids. They can be sneaky at that age and making others responsible for one’s own actions is the rot of our “society.”

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