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Majority Deserves Praise
It never ceases to amaze me when intelligent people misinterpret the positive actions of others.
Currently, some of the employees of Ocean City are upset with the majority on the City Council.

One of their grievances is that the majority closed the defined benefit retirement plan for new employees.  Did they close the plan for the existing employees?  Absolutely not!  Did the majority ever consider closing the defined benefit plan for the current worker.  Again, absolutely not.

Instead of berating the majority they ought to be thanking them for their prudent actions.

Why?  By changing the plan and limiting the future retirement liabilities of the plan for new workers, the majority has made sure the existing employees will be assured of receiving their benefits at and during their retirement years.  The current employees should be grateful for the majority’s foresight and the courage it took to make the bold but needed change.

In addition, the tax payers and property owners ought to be thankful that the changes were instituted.  They too will benefit in the future as the tax payers potential liability, which is currently in the tens of millions of dollars for the defined benefit plans, begins to shrink as a result of the majority’s change.

I suggest that the voters of Ocean City do their own prudent research on the town’s current financial situation and not rely on the incorrect observations made by a few outspoken employees.

This majority is trying to develop a long term fiscally sound financial plan for the tax payers as well as the employees.

This majority which includes Joe Hall, Brent Ashley, Jim Hall, and Margaret Pillas should be thanked by the employees and not criticized for their prudent management skills.

Thank them and show them your support.
David Clogg

Beach Message Lauded

The "Guarding the Beach" column is the first section of the paper that I read when our copy of the Maryland Coast Dispatch arrives. I have learned so much about the ocean, the beach and human nature from Ed Fisher.  The first thing I do when I get to the beach is approach the lifeguard stand and check about the water conditions. We set our blankets and umbrellas close to the stand and swim in front of the lifeguard stand.

We spend a week every summer in Ocean City and love reading all about the area prior to our trip. The ads, politics and feature articles make us feel like we know what is going on and helps us decide what  our "must do" list should include.

Since we stay right on the Boardwalk, near 8th Street, we are able to watch the beach patrol men and women walk up the side street and enter the designated beach areas. Their confident approach and self-sufficient attitude is dramatic. It is wonderful to watch the communication with hand signals and flags and the expert way they cover each other when emergencies arise. I have often thought that an Ocean City Calendar featuring the beach patrol members demonstrating the flag signals, rescue techniques and safety alerts would be a great tourist educational tool and perhaps a money making venture for new equipment.

It cannot be said enough – the brave men and women of the beach patrol deserve our thanks and gratitude.

Roberta Ginsberg      


7 thoughts on “Voices From The Readers

  1. David Clogg from Timonium, you don’t live in Ocean City so put a sock in it! Until you live and work in this town you don’t reserve the right to have an opinion. If you did you would experience first hand what the Fatal Four are doing to screw the town employees. Worry about what goes on Timonium!

  2. Just because you do not like the message OC Employee don’t shoot the messenger. Everyone is entitled to an opinion FYI and if you disagree, that is fine also. If you choose to disagree however, instead of tossing out a generalized accusation such as “the Fatal Four” are screwing the employees, which is totally ineffective for getting your point across, how about telling us HOW they are doing that?
    Don’t you think that would actually be productive?

  3. thank you to David Clogg for the insight. thank you Jim Hall, Joe Hall, Brent Ashley and Margaret Pillas for taking steps to ensure my pension wlll be there when I retire.

  4. Hmmmmmmmmm…OK Freetalker or should I call you Jim Hall, Joe Hall, Brent Ashley or Margaret Pillas? Either way it doesn’t matter. None of you will get reelected when your term is up and the Fatal Four will be no more! HAHA!

  5. None of the above OC Employee. I was just pointing out that instead of generalized comments how about something with some substance to it so voters can be informed.
    I’ve can see it’s no use with ‘you people’ and even attempting to have an intelligent debate is just a time waster.

  6. Whatever OC Employee. Think what you want to think and keep avoiding the questions of the voters. I can see it is a complete waste of time attempting to get an intelligent productive answer out of you. I just hope you are not representative of the majority of the employees of the town who feel it is quite alright to dismiss questions of the voters.

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