Casino Revenue Spiked In March

BERLIN — The March revenue figures for the Casino at Ocean Downs were released yesterday, revealing a considerable spike upward compared to last month and March 2011, resulting in the fourth highest total in the 15-month history of the facility near Berlin.

The Casino at Ocean Downs generated $4.07 million in March, up considerably from the $3.1 million reported in February and the $3.2 million in March 2011.

Last July, the Casino at Ocean Downs generated its highest monthly revenue total in its brief history at $5.3 million, then dropped back down to $4.6 million in August, largely because of an entire weekend in August due to Hurricane Irene.

A look at the casino’s average daily gross per machine reflects the considerable spike upward in March. For example, the Casino at Ocean Downs’ 800 slot machines averaged $164.49 per day in March, up from the $152.02 reported in February and the $126.34 reported for January. By comparison, the average daily gross per machine a year ago in March 2011 was $139.83.

One thought on “Casino Revenue Spiked In March

  1. Ocean Downs Casino is a mere 15 months old. Averaging what, a gross of $3.5M per month?? So thats about $50M generated gross using my rough math.

    Hmmm – seems to me thats $50M NOT going to Delaware!!!!!!! Table games and future expansion on the horizon, and Hall is worried about Free Food/Drink?? The potential cash influx not only for the Casino – but for OC too is again a WIN-WIN*.

    *if managed AND marketed properly!

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