Juveniles Busted In OC Crime Spree

OCEAN CITY — Four juveniles were arrested on malicious destruction of property charges last weekend after a Boardwalk crime spree that included nearly two dozen incidents.

Around 12:30 a.m. last Saturday, Ocean City Police responded to the Decatur House on the Boardwalk at 12th Street for a reported destruction of property complaint. While OCPD officers were responding to that complaint, they spotted four individuals actively damaging property along the Boardwalk. Officers were able to detain two of the suspects, both juveniles, while the other two were able to flee the area.

When OCPD officers arrived at Decatur House, the complainant advised police they had heard something breaking, and when they look outside, they saw several boys running north on the Boardwalk. The investigation revealed damage to the Boardwalk storefront of the Beach Daze store, which is located in the Decatur House building.

Further investigation revealed there had been a rash of malicious destruction of property incidents earlier in the evening, all occurring in the Boardwalk area downtown. After detaining the first two juveniles, Ocean City Police were able to obtain the names of the other two youths involved in the crime spree.

The OCPD has charged with four juveniles in connection to 23 different acts of malicious destruction of property throughout the downtown Boardwalk area and the initial property damage estimates came in at over $5,000. The investigation determined the juveniles were also responsible for stealing a scooter earlier in the evening and attempting to throw it in the bay. The scooter was recovered and additional charges are pending in that individual case.

The juveniles have been released to their parents pending a Maryland Department of Social Services review.

One thought on “Juveniles Busted In OC Crime Spree

  1. PUT THEM TO WORK! Get them cleaning, painting, and “beautifying” our boardwalk! Consider it a heavy community service punishment – as well as repaying for damages! Jail or Juvy Detention won’t help. Hard work will. Oh…that means they will need to be supervised by someone – SCRATCH that, no funds available! OH THE HUMANITY! BUSHMAN!

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