OC Elementary Honors December Students of the Month

Ocean City Elementary School honored the December Students of the Month with a special luncheon, T-shirt, pencil and certificate.  Students are chosen by their homeroom teachers and receive a special phone call from their teachers and a letter mailed to their homes. First row, first grade honorees were  Aaron Cohen, Owen Carpenter, Madeleine Kiesewetter, Jazmine Garcia, Layla Chrysanthis and Victoria Mueller;  second row, second graders  Brianna Wesche, Ashley Hoffman, Deema Hammad, Antonio Galeaz and Mae Purnell;  third row, third graders  Meghan Cummings, Jude Al-Hamad, Robert Rutka, Morgan Hayman, and Hannah Johnson;  fourth row, fourth graders  Braeden Dang, Matthew Ford, Amaya Seltzer, Stephanie Marx and Maggie Bunting.  Not pictured are Carlos Mijares (grade 3) and Derowen Cutchin (grade 4).

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