Teachers help non-English speaking students with language

Alicia Cropper, an English Second Language Teacher at Ocean City Elementary School, works with students who speak a language other than English, to acquire English through innovative vocabulary activities, socialization activities and the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum. Pictured are Sandra Aldana-Almaguer, Brandon Campechano and Cropper.

One thought on “Teachers help non-English speaking students with language

  1. im recenty tutoring 3 non speaking children after school. I myself speak spanish and english, my husband is from peru and also my kids are biligual. I know how the children are feeling and the thoughts that are going through thier mind. i am doing flashcards, sight words,reading, and vocabulary with them at this time. I am doing three different levels though.one being a pre-k, third grade, and 5th grade. Can you give me any advise to what else i should be working on with them….

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